Following Orders by drops_of_cyan
Following Orders by drops_of_cyan
I stepped inside and heard the doors close and lock behind me. I was surrounded by rows of people dressed in black, in contrast to the white background, and suddenly wis...
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Agartha by JustThisShe
Agartha by JustThisShe
This story might blow your mind.
  • vatican
  • amazing
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Journey to Agartha 2 by nanalaflower
Journey to Agartha 2 by Nanala Flower
It's summer vacation. It has been 10 years since then, and Azuna never once forget what happened. She misses all of them, Mana and Mimi, the old chief from Agartha, the...
  • childrenwholostvoices
  • agartha
  • romance
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Children who Chase Lost Voices Fanfiction by InukoTaishoDragneel
Children who Chase Lost Voices Fan... by InukoTaishoDragneel
Shion was from Agartha, and she had a sickness. If she gets to excited, she would cough, sometimes cough up blood. She was madly, and hopelessly, in love with one of the...
  • shin
  • anime
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Journey To Agartha (#Wattys2017) by millenialwriteeer
Journey To Agartha (#Wattys2017) by _writernotfound
Lorietta's normal life would turn into a dashing-weird-flying and uhh immortal journey to once a myth to real place under the Earth's core. How will it change the kingd...
  • fantasy
  • mystery
  • myth
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