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Welcome Back (Kevedd Fan fic)

Welcome Back (Kevedd Fan fic)

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HazilJune By HazilJune Updated May 14, 2016

Chapter One
Ever since the kids of the cul-de-sac had reached high school, they spent little to no time outside.  Today was no exception.  However their parents refused to let them just sit around on their phones and do nothing, so the lazy teenagers decided to sneak into Kevin's house and watch television together.  None of them were really invested in whatever was working its way across the screen, though, because they were too into guessing what kind of family was moving into Double D's old place.  "I hope it's some hot chick, God knows we need more girls around here." Kevin sighed, watching the movers work their way through the front door with large boxes.  There was no sign of the family yet.

"Wow, thanks Kevin." Nazz laughed, rolling her eyes.  Kevin smirked and pushed her playfully.  "You're still hot, Nazz," he pressed, "You're just dating Eddy, so it ruins your credibility."  Nazz gasped and pretended to be hurt by his words, but it was clear by her smile that it didn't bothe...

- - May 05, 2016
I started fangirling and for some reason crying in the middle of class while reading this
Aqua_Spirit7 Aqua_Spirit7 Jul 10, 2015
mattyaoiboy mattyaoiboy May 14, 2015
I like his personality, its still the same but a little different. Oh, and, the one thing that will make this story Heaven is if Double D is the uke!!
SpawnOfHotTopic SpawnOfHotTopic Jan 01, 2015
in love!  cerrialy!  you capture double d so well and you make his transition zero to hunky hero believable
ZimVader0017 ZimVader0017 Oct 18, 2014
I squealed when you mentioned a little girl, I've been in a little sister/daughter/son KevEdd mood for a while now, I love those fics, kids are so cute! ^_^
RaySkit RaySkit Jun 02, 2014
when are you going to continue it. its amazing. I keep rereading it