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Flower Boy (BoyxBoy) by sanguinarioangel
Flower Boy (BoyxBoy)by Ajax
Edd has tried everything he could do to forget. He moved to a new city, goes to a new school, and started a new job at a quiet flower shop, but his trauma from an abusi...
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Knock On Wood (BoyxBoy) by sanguinarioangel
Knock On Wood (BoyxBoy)by Ajax
Kevin Barr has a lot on his hands. Not only is he the captain of the football team, most popular jock in school, son of an MIA father and struggling to keep his grades...
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An Apple For Teacher by vivampx
An Apple For Teacherby V
(KEVEDD) Eddward Vincent is now a high school teacher at the local Peach Creek High School that he used to attend as a teenager. One day, word got out of a new coach in...
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Edds New Change (Kevedd) by Sunday-Candyyyyy
Edds New Change (Kevedd)by Candy
Edd knew he was gay since, well, Forever. He didn't flaunt it really, he really dosent care what others think. He didn't want to be picked on, he wasn't that big. That'...
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Truth Be Told (Kevin X Edd) by galcreepy95
Truth Be Told (Kevin X Edd)by galcreepy95
A secret romance begins As always I own nothing but the plot.
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Red Skies & Blue Eyes by Sandra_Gonzalez1
Red Skies & Blue Eyesby UnicornObsession_1
Not like any ordinary summer, Kevin thinks this year will be the same when he spends it with his mother but what he doesn't know is that things always change for the bet...
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The dork and the bully by Black__Cherrie
The dork and the bullyby K卯tt每
Double D felt something hit the back of his head. He turned around, seeing Kevin, Tyler and Ethan sitting on top of a lunch table; "Hey double dork!" He redhea...
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Something More by NekoPikachu
Something Moreby Caitlin Isabelle
A Kevedd (Kevin x Edd) Fan-fiction He looked down at me, the same expression from earlier. His eyes flickered from each part of my face. Before I knew it my cheeks were...
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KevEdd : It Didn't Start Like this by RayaBomb
KevEdd : It Didn't Start Like thisby Saturning
Kevin had always bullied the trio-Ed, Edd, and Eddy since they were young. He didn't think much of it. Ed was an airhead. Edd (otherwise known as Double D) had always be...
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Kevedd OneShot by InoOrihime
Kevedd OneShotby InoOrihime
Just a quick Kevedd OneShot
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Lips of an Angel by keveddMe
Lips of an Angelby keveddMe
heartbroken and in tears... edd calls kevin, who is now with someone else.. I do not own this. dancingdawn62 does.
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Absolute lust by Black__Cherrie
Absolute lustby K卯tt每
One day, Kevin goes to bed after a party, wasted and hungover. He has a strange dream... I wonder why he stopped bullying Double D...? The story contains homosexuality! ...
First prize by Black__Cherrie
First prizeby K卯tt每
Kevin Is picked from a random draw of cards to enter a football contest. The setting is normal, Peach creek high, playing normal football, but you get a blue ribbon. Kev...
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Another Day by LonelyHeartsTogether
Another Dayby 馃寵
He had promised to stay by his side forever but now forever started to feel like it was fading fast. If only he'd known.
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Kevedd One-shots by MAD_Rainbow137
Kevedd One-shotsby Irish Cuck
Alright, Alright, Alright~ This book is all about Kevedd and before you read you have to know these things: I own nothing, credits go to the writers, and I will give you...
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Changes in a Season by Wildbebes
Changes in a Seasonby QueenNixie
Everything changed so fast .. especially for Kevin and Edd..
The Beginning of Forever by PhoenixFire87
The Beginning of Foreverby Jessi Anne
*Reg KevEdd Get Together Fic* Kevin askes Edd for tutoring so he can get in the dork's good graces. Things start to unravel in Kevin's life, his father is against anythi...
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Double Dirty, Dork (Original) by XxTrashyAlienScumxX
Double Dirty, Dork (Original)by XxTrashyAlienScumxX
Kevedd, so hope you like! comment and vote ...and it might be a little inappropriate so I suggest if you don't like gay, or smuts then please DO NOT READ.
Kevedd smut book by das-cool
Kevedd smut bookby das-cool
There will be smut in almost all stories in this book. If you don't like his type of stuff don't read this. Thank you for reading! 馃槃馃槉馃檪馃槝馃槡馃グ
Love Finds a Way by BACON_PANCAKES14
Love Finds a Wayby BACON_PANCAKES14
Creds to author, Peach Creek!