Shadowed Choices

Shadowed Choices

19.1K Reads 1.1K Votes 11 Part Story
Xander By gryphon88 Completed

In Shadow Wood, things are never quite as black and white as they appear. Alex Cabrera realizes how dangerous he can be to his fellow wytches. He knows what he can do, but he's still got a long way to go.  When it comes to wytchcraft, there's so much to learn.  A mystical force seems to bind him to Mason Caine; but does Alex have a choice? He knows what he wants, but does he know what he needs?
  They say that knowledge is power; but what do you do when that knowledge changes the way you perceive the world and how you choose to live. 
  All that remains to be seen are . . . Shadowed Choices.

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