Chapter Five

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A Siberian Husky had somehow made itself into the room, and started to lick my face. Petr proceeded to hold me down while the assault continued. Now normally, I might have flipped out a bit, which I did at first, until I saw the dog. It was standing over my face, relentlessly licking the hell out of me. I was going to have to spend half an hour washing doggie drool from my face after this, but I don't think I really minded. I seriously love Siberian Huskies!

They were those kind of wolf dogs, black and white with blue eyes. I'd always wanted one, but my mom would never have permitted it. They were big and my mom was not a fan of big dogs. Actually she wasn't a fan of pets in general; at least not while Mikey and Sarah were still young. She was afraid they would easily get trampled. Then I remembered the house we had lived in before, it was awfully cramped, not much room for a full grown dog to run around in.

"What the? When and where did you get a dog?" It was hard getting this all out during my fit of giggles.

"I'm doggie sitting." He still hadn't let up yet.

"Who does he belong to?" The dog still hadn't ceased its doggie kisses.


Was there something in his eyes that said something? I could have sworn they had grown dark with lust, before my face got assaulted by doggie slobber.

"What's his name? And why do you have him?" Though I should have known Nathaniel would have given him to Petr because they were the closest in the group, next to Mason and Benny.

"Petr?" He still hadn't gotten up off me. "Petr?"

"You know I think I might have almost kissed you." He said, and I didn't know what to say to that.

"I care for you Alex. I think I always will." I could feel him caress the side of my face with his words. My eyes started to feel heavy at that. "But you're all gross now with doggie slobber, moment ruined!"

I think I might have frowned at that. For a moment, I might have welcomed that kiss.

"Alright Capo, that's enough. Up!"

Capo obediently obeyed as Petr gave me a hand up. He tossed me a t-shirt from the floor so I could wipe my face. Well, at least it smelled clean.


"Short for Copernicus. Nathaniel's family is a bit weird."

I didn't say anything to that. From what I've seen, all the guys' families were . . . different; at least in their own ways. But Nathaniel, he was still a mystery to me.

Benny showed up not long after dressed as some creepy dead Amish dude. His usual sunny disposition helped break the awkward moment between Petr and me. That was our cue to start getting ready. Petr decided to stick with his sexy nerd costume, but he wanted to save that bit for the after party. I had no idea what we were doing first, but it turned out, we were going to a haunted house.

Half an hour later, I found myself the designated driver as Benny and Petr piled into my mom's van. I think Petr was giving me space, because he didn't call shotgun like he normally would. Benny wasn't oblivious that something was adrift; it was obvious in the way he kept glancing at us, but he never said anything about it.

Eventually, we arrived in the historic area of Old Town. It was the part of town that was originally settled in the colonial days and still had that charming old world feel to it. However, as we pulled up to Founder's Hall, a sense of dread came over me. I could almost see visions of people hanging from the trees in the surrounding park area; a reminder from my Colonial Studies course about the superstitious jurisprudence of the era. Damn my vivid imagination!

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