Chapter Eight

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I had forgotten what that first date feeling felt like. Is this what it felt like? Even though tonight wasn't technically a first date, but I couldn't help feel that it was. I let my back rest against the inside of my front door as my head thump lightly into it. Thankfully the whole house was dark, so I could enjoy this little moment to myself.

Flying. We were literally flying, or should I say levitating? For exactly thirteen whole minutes we stayed afloat, out in the woods. If I had a list of things that would never happen, this would have been awfully high on that list. Yet it happened. The impossible made possible.

Entering my room, I stripped myself down and settled into bed. The dancing shadows of my room keeping me company. It wasn't until seconds later, as my head lay upon my pillow, that those familiar pessimistic voices in my head started to whisper.

"Mason deserves someone better than you. . . You're going to take away his powers and he will hate you forever . . . He's just another Jay in wytch clothing . . . Petr is the one you really want . . . Didn't Petr feel great rubbing up against you with his half naked body tonight . . ."

These thoughts, these feelings; they were dangerous. I knew they were just my insecurities coming to the surface. Closing my mind to these thoughts, I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Surprisingly, nothing major happened the next morning or during most of the school day. I couldn't wipe that stupid smile off my face though, even when I saw Karma with K huddled together with seven other girls. I heard the giggles once my back was to them. Benny greeted me with a smirk, asking if I got some from Mason last night. He was joking, naturally.

The truth was, I was happy. Even despite the many unresolved issues at hand. In fact, I felt as if nothing would take away the smile on my face as the school day ended and I was descending the stairs from the main entrance. Until I finally remembered. Lacrosse practice. Coach was standing with his arms crossed at the base of the steps with a stern expression. A subtle reminder that my soul belonged to him this season; there was no way I was getting out of this one. Sigh. I guess I might as well get it over with.

As if he had to make his point, he placed a hand over my shoulder as he guided me back into the school. I tried not to let my head hang low. I wanted to at least accept the price with dignity. Then I wondered, did Mason know? He was supposed to be my team captain.

As if things between us weren't awkward enough, considering our connection thing. But to be playing the same team as him? No pun intended. Add to that the scariest part of it all, despite not knowing a damn thing about lacrosse -- showers. There would be showers. Guys with no clothing. Naked athletic guys. And Mason. Mason naked. Soap streaming down his torso as his hands touched every part of his body.

Would there be towel slap here and there? I would not be open to that, from anyone. Well maybe from Mason—but that's beside the point! Mason was going to be in his birthday suit! How would my body react with little to no clothing? What if I get hard? What's the locker room etiquette for hard ons?

My phone vibrating in my pocket indicated I had received a text. Pulling it out, it was from my mom.

"Have fun honey! Good luck ;-)." Traitor.

"I'll pretend I never saw that." The coach said, making a show to look the other way, or rather, sneer at some poor unsuspecting high school kid on his way out.

I had momentarily forgotten we were back in school as I was walking on auto-pilot. I was only checking my phone out of habit. I always checked to see if I had missed anything important, like if my mom said she would be late or something.

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