Back Stronger

Back Stronger

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You may have read stories with the same kind of plot  but I have some plot twists here and there in mind, so read on to see what is in store.

Rose Kingsley faces struggles just like any teenage girl, and the day her mate rejects her, she runs away not wanting to be anywhere near him because it caused her too much pain. She ends up on another werewolf pack's land, luckily the people who found her were nice and took her in making her apart of their pack. Three years later, her new pack is called to for help by her families pack so she has to go back with her new friends to help her family. She goes back stronger than when she left and nothing will tear her down. 

Realizations occur, Love rises, Forgiveness is key, Connections are made and amongst all the craziness, Family is most important.

•Started 2015
•Finished 2016

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MariaManuele1967 MariaManuele1967 Oct 20, 2017
I hope not, I really don't take this much hard arch or him. I don't like her to go back to had m.
AlphaJJ123 AlphaJJ123 May 15, 2017
There's another book called ,Running, and it is the same book as this one.
Lani_188 Lani_188 Jul 31, 2017
How tf can a bond just dissapear. He clearly don't have to accept her rejection when he is the one who rejected her in the first place
SyKo1045 SyKo1045 Apr 24, 2016
Shitttt, that dude is super slutty, I mean he us rejected her and like 10 min later, he's already boning another chick
xPrettyGirlNJYxoxo xPrettyGirlNJYxoxo Dec 19, 2016
Nice start loving it but make paragraphs for it to be much better but ur awesome at wat ur doing😘
Flamesilver5815 Flamesilver5815 Jul 03, 2016
Damn it I was gonna b like omg the Black Moon alpha is her mate... but then i remembered....