Chapter Seven

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It happened all at once. A crowd rushed from inside the house, while everyone in the backyard turned to see what was happening. Oh, so now I got your attention. I didn't see Nathaniel; last I saw, he was wandering off on his own before things went downhill with the drunk guy. Mason was pumping his arms for speed as I instinctively went to rush forward myself, but Benny was suddenly blocking my way.

"Nathaniel's got this," He said. Sure enough, Nathaniel had appeared from nowhere. I couldn't see everything that was going on. All I saw was Mason leap, disappearing as he went all the way down. There were too many people blocking my view; rushing forward with phones out excited to see a fight. I never got the point of seeing fights in real life, but apparently it was always a thing.

Benny placed a gentle hand over my arm, "Trust us."

But I didn't, not quite.

"Nothing personal Benny, but I'm more concerned about what charges Mason may be facing."

"That jerk is only getting what he deserved." Benny said, eyes hard.

"How would you . . . ?"

"Not here. Come on, let's go. Someone's probably called the police by now."

The top of Mason's head finally popped into view. I finally saw a glimpse of Nathaniel too. They moved in perfect synchronicity as they fought together side by side.

"It's time for us to leave anyway."

This time I listened without hesitation. Benny kept a hand on my arm the whole time, guiding me. He had to correct my course, because I absentmindedly headed back toward the house in a daze.

There was still plenty of excitement around us. I moved to look back, but tense fingers on my arm suggested I refrain from that.

"Don't worry. Mason will be alright." Benny moved his arm around the back of my shoulders so that we were walking side by side now. It was as if he was shielding me from something, but from what, I didn't know.

"You better be right." I half hoped it sounded like a threat, but at the same time, I hoped not. I knew Benny was only looking out for me and trying to get me to safety.

"He's in good hands!" This time shouting slightly as the jeers of the crowd increased. I would never know what made real fights so exciting.

Once we were out on the front lawn, I tried to look for Mason, but Benjamin pulled me tighter, closer to his body. I wasn't sure why.

"Are you alright?"


We were walking past the sidewalk; the van visible in the street facing the house. Why do I always feel like I'm being left out of something important?

"You're shaking Alex, and Mason is thoroughly pissed. I can still feel him from here"

Benny was moments away from rubbing my shoulders with his hands. I must have shot him a look, because I was not the helpless type. Trouble just seemed to find me wherever i went. Well, actually I was kind of helpless a few minutes ago. Sure I had fought back, but if Mason didn't show up when he did... it could have ended very badly. Maybe I would have eventually fought the guy off.

As I thought about it further and what may have happened, I shivered again.

"Like it or not, you're connected to this coven." Benny said around the same I could hear feet running behind us.

"Alex?" Petr, he sounded all sobered up now. "Alex!"

"He's fine Petr." Benny turned his head a fraction in Petr's direction.

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