Mute Howls (updating/fixing)

Mute Howls (updating/fixing)

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Dino Smiles🚩 By fallenshift Completed

"It started when my mother died, the rogues got her. My fa- the Alpha just let it happen, the whole pack knows he let her die. No one seemed to care, Doc he's crazy! He lowered my food privileges, now all I do is clean, I'm the pack doctor here since no one else wants to get one. It's not fair! I'm only 18, I shouldn't be treated like I'm a dog. The only speaking to I get is a punch in the nose and a slap across the butt if my rape session is good." I said as tears spilled out of me.


April is a 17 year old werewolf taking abusive blows from her pack every chance they get. The day the neighboring pack Doctor comes to exam the Alphas complains about April, is the day she realizes she's not getting any better, in fact. She's dying. Shes given up, she's finally allowed the starvation to take over and it's now killing her off. Seven days after Doc leaves he promises to get her out, but little does she know her mate is Alpha of his pack. But wait, her father's Beta is her mate, is... is this a second chance mate? Read to find out!

(There's going to be a lot of foul language in this story so underage readers I've warned ya.)



୨୧ Published: December 7, 2016 ୨୧
୨୧ Finished: August 12, 2017 ୨୧

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