Infection 🔪 |Infected Book 1|

Infection 🔪 |Infected Book 1|

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Kim By KarateChop Completed


We've seen the movies, we've watched the TV shows, but nothing will ever prepare us for a real zombie apocalypse.  When Desi, a normal teenage girl, wakes up one morning to screaming neighbors and a bleeding mother, she quickly realizes that pop culture's most grusome nightmare is real.

Losing everything, Desi finds herself scared and alone until she is saved by a boy wielding a baseball bat.  Fighting for a life that she isn't even sure she wants anymore, Desi must learn that it is okay to love again when it seems there is nothing to live for.  Falling in love isn't easy with infected biting at your heels, but once Desi finds it again, she will do whatever it takes to keep her and her love alive.


Highest Ranking:  #3 in Horror, #4 in Science Fiction
Cover by @sugarcrystals

I really like this story. But I like the new updated versions better because Desi seems more independent and more of a fighter. Also there's nothing too cliché that happens when she meets the guy. Which is also cool but other wise I can't get enough of this book ;)
_bechan_ _bechan_ May 07
Rue.......does this girl die like in the Hunger Games cause she looks like little Rue as an adult
PimpMommaO PimpMommaO May 22
I bet there's gonna be a TeamCody and a TeamJason later on in the story. I'm already Team Jason 😍
Moonbeatx Moonbeatx 3 days ago
Everyone is on cody's pic like "He's so hot" but I'm over here like DAMN DADDY😫😫😫😫👅👅👅 DID IT GET HOT IN HERE??? YOU CAN BE MY ZOMBIE KILLER ANYTIME
Mentally going to swap 'Cody' for 'Coby' because Cody is my brothers name
- - Oct 23, 2016
Hmm, this looks interesting.
                              * looks at the description *
                              Sigh, as I thought there'd be no romance--    
                              OMG YEY