Rise of the Dead

Rise of the Dead

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When Madeline wakes up one morning to an eerie silence she knows something is wrong and all too soon she soon will find out what. The world was once a peaceful place where debt and war were the biggest problems, but that's all about to change in a chaotic tangle of events. When the virus explodes over her world it's a huge battle for the living to survive, and not only does Madeline face small problems like finding food and shelter but also a bigger problem.

 Flesh eating zombies.

This story follows a small group of teens in a race for survival against the infected, with death, disease and the unshakable feeling that they're being stalked- life just got a whole lot harder.

Highest ranking: #37 in Horror

Winner of The Contemporary Reads Awards: Best Zombie Book and The Champion's Award

Siddhesh900 Siddhesh900 May 06, 2016
I was very much intrigued by blurb. And this chapter live up to that. I must say, your writing skills improved a lot. It was quite clear how presented this chapter. Yeah, it's quite terrifying when what we see in movies come true. It will really interesting how she gonna deal with this trouble.
Another word possibly? Try not to use the same word in a short time period.
JamieWoullard JamieWoullard May 06, 2016
kailynxrose kailynxrose Dec 13, 2015
Are people really saying crap about punctuation? Lmao. Anyways... ZAMBIES 😄
g4m3r4l1f3 g4m3r4l1f3 Sep 27, 2015
omg I wonder what *gasps* no i think i know what it is z...z...zebras run for your lives
Story_Teller_oxoo Story_Teller_oxoo Jul 30, 2015
I like this, there was some minor error's but that can be fixed with a little editing. Mainly punctuation. A good length for a starting chapter! I'm hooked now :) Well done!