✔️ || A Wolf's Mate [Wattys 2017]

✔️ || A Wolf's Mate [Wattys 2017]

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Yin Hime By FairyTailHime Completed

FT Fanfic

Fairy Tail Academy is a private academy where werewolves of different packs go to school. Lucy Heartfilia and her friends, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Mirajane Strauss and Wendy Marvell are the popular she-wolves in the academy and not only that but they also have not found their mates yet. 

When 6 new transfer students go to Fairy Tail, they attract the attention of the she-wolves and eventually got to know each other but...there is a group of evil wolves who once killed a pack member of Lucy's pack. And they are coming back. Who will win once they have clashed?

*I do not own Fairy Tail. I only own the storyline. I would also like to thank @ImberLapis for helping me to make the cover

**Rated mature for lemon in chapter 43

Status : Completed
Started : 5 Oct 2016
Ended : 23 Dec 2016
Edited : 8 Jan 2017, 10-11 Jan 2017, 14 Jan 2017, 17-23 Jan 2017

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- - Jun 08, 2017
It's sex, not gender. Gender is your personality. Sex is your actual body parts
KaylaColl KaylaColl Dec 03, 2017
Stop Aurora is my fvr Disney princess. And I love sleeping Beauty
MonicaCorona7 MonicaCorona7 Aug 09, 2017
I've always hoped of seeing a fairy take guild in werewolf edition. And I have finally found it! I'm crying in happy tears right now. I'm really glad you made this book and who ever helped you make it. I'll start reading as soon as I can! Thanks so much!
pockygoddess pockygoddess Dec 23, 2017
Congrats! It’s been a year since you finished this story!!!!⭐️🔥
                              For what I know there will be lemon in chapter 43 so I need to get ready;-;
NL4ver NL4ver Apr 02, 2017
Wow soulmate name straightaway aftr birth....I.wish I knw mine like.tht too 
                              How I wish lol anyway plss continue