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The Innocent Husband (Innocent series #2)

The Innocent Husband (Innocent series #2)

9.9K Reads 624 Votes 8 Part Story
Resa Ricah By Richa_resa Updated 3 days ago

Torn apart like a shrewd cloth was my heart.
  Left alone with accusations tearing me apart.
  "Never do us apart" was our vows and All it took was a moment for her, to crush them.
  One wrong turn destroyed our love so strong...
  One wrong turn made me a liar in every form .....
  One wrong move shattered our love.....
  One wrong step broke us apart.....
  She left me as a broken man and empty shell
  All I was left was with accusations so bold
  That even killing myself won't even make her come back to my home.......
  Now I am all alone, sitting on my billions throne drinking to the past drowned in the dark.......
  I was a husband brought down to my knees.
  With my armor crushed, soul torn.
  I played with billions drinking to the past.
  My love destroyed me, broke my  heart, and tore me apart
   I became the culprit in the eyes I loved to see.
  Never was I given a chance to bring justice to me.
  None believed me, none hold the faith. 
  I am alone in this life of misery drinking to the past and that love I lost.
  A love, that dangled in front of my eyes.
  She hated me but she was the one who destroyed me too.
  She loved me but now it was all gone.
  The taste of her kisses lost.
  All that left were the memories of the past.
  And haunted eyes telling me I am a monster never to have born.....
  The Second book of the An Innocent Ex-wife Series.

chaneldjojo chaneldjojo Oct 02, 2016
This is getting interesting Richa, I can't wait for the next updates. I hope you'll update your other stories aswell?
Can't wait read your story,i will buy an innocent ex wife from Amazon😊 i already read sample there.Good work girl im your big fan👌
NY_rose NY_rose Jan 09
This is wow!!!! God when is it going start.  I have read innocent ex wife and thay book rocked .  You have me beggibg for more, please update soon !
chaneldjojo chaneldjojo Sep 22, 2016
Richa I can't wait to read the next updates, finally I get to read a story from a man point of view. So very excited
neha12056 neha12056 Oct 02, 2016
Awwwwww how can someone love anyone this much 😭😭😭😭😭my heart aches for noel
neha12056 neha12056 Jan 16
Yayy you have finally posted it, but I do remember reading this chapter so can't wait for another one. Can't you post the second one too