A Surreptitious Relationship

A Surreptitious Relationship

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Jordan Lynde By JordanLynde Completed

Chris and Holly's relationship is finally perfect. With no gangs to harass them, the only thing they have to worry about it keeping their relationship a secret from the student body and faculty at school. Simple enough. 

Except when have things ever been that simple for these two?

Cue in the appearance of two new students and new troubles. The new girl isn't who she seems and the new boy seems to have a thing for Holly. And Chris.

 Meanwhile Chris is finding it harder and harder to stay away from Holly in school. Keeping their relationship a secret suddenly becomes ten times harder. 

And to top it all off, Jeremy has a big surprise for every one.

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All the rr’s in the first book warned me, apparently he’s an a$$hole
Filo101 Filo101 Mar 07
I'm getting The Bad boy and the tomboy vibes...or was it the other way around??
I love how he did it on him because he knew she didn't wanna hurt him but also didn't want to hurt her.
nvm128 nvm128 Jan 30
 #rr omg guys don't u know??? Lexi ends up with Chris 😁😁😁
Avocadhoee Avocadhoee Feb 04
I’m trying to remember if I like her or not as I’ve only read this once before 🤔
😂😂😂 yikes 2 handsome young teachers at school. Can it get more lucky