It's Not A Game Of Chance When It Comes To Love

It's Not A Game Of Chance When It Comes To Love

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Jess and Jord's relationship, if you could even call it that, is far from perfect. After the stress of the police on their backs bringing them closer but resulting in them being drawn apart, they have both returned to their normal lives. Not for long though...

Secrets from a past Jessica didn't even know about are coming back to haunt her. When people tell lies, it's causes turmoil and distress. Jess is about to understand that. She is pushed to her limits, but can she rely on Jord to be there for her like she could last time? Or has their disastrous kiss finally pushed them too far. 

Sequel to 'A Year Full Of Surprises'

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xPandorablex xPandorablex Jan 01, 2017
Hey guys as I am reading it is new year in Britain  soon Happy new year guys
thesinkinganchor_ thesinkinganchor_ Dec 19, 2015
Matt is a simple person so it suits him if he was to ever get lost
readnwrite00 readnwrite00 Mar 20, 2015
I like the cover. Especially the book with her and Jordan's picture. 
                              Hope this ones as good as you other ;)
HeartbreakHeroine HeartbreakHeroine Jul 18, 2014
I don't think you meant classroom
                              You're story line and writing style is great though :)
Abc_Reader Abc_Reader Oct 15, 2011
This story is just really amazing... I like the plot and the characters were great! :)
x0book_worm x0book_worm Apr 26, 2011
Whoop whoop!!! The sequel is up!!
                              I totallylove how her first instinct was to see Jord, its adorable! Lydia seems so cool, and totally right for Matt ;)
                              Great Start!! :)))