The Eyes of the Forest

The Eyes of the Forest

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WolfOfTheNightSky By WolfOfTheNightSky Updated May 01

"Cadmium, the humans are dangerous. They have their guns, and they don't fight fair. If you turn your back, you'll end up shot. We can't risk them finding out about the pack. You need to understand that about them, or you'll be dead." 


These lands were empty of humans for generations. We didn't know why they left, but we were thankful for it. But now that they're returning, we do not know how to react. 

They don't know of the Packs yet, and we have made an agreement to keep ourselves hidden. But they are slowly unearthing us. 

My name is Cadmium. I'm a white and pale-grey she-wolf from the Whitetail Valley Pack. I know that we can take the humans down, but we'll need the Packs to work together. 

I just hope that everyone else agrees. 


"The humans have no right to our land! Are you all just going to stand down and let them take what is rightfully ours?"

Please note that I took a lot of creative liberties with wolf pack behavior in this story. It would not have worked out very well if it was realistic, which is why the Pack dynamics are very unrealistic. I'm pretty knowledgeable on wolf dynamics, but it was much easier to write it in the way that I did so I wouldn't have to constantly reference books and articles to make sure I was getting it right. 

The art on the cover was created by me.

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ReniitaWare ReniitaWare Sep 22, 2016
Wow humans can be cruel 😞 😞 when it comes down to their animals and hunting so-so sad for the dogs no love what so ever 😞 😟
DragonWriter664 DragonWriter664 Sep 11, 2016
Whoa...this is awesome. I love how blunt Cadmium is about the humans. "It's quite ugly, actually." XD