Fake Dating the Bad Boy

Fake Dating the Bad Boy

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COMPLETED 8/01/2017

Olivia Valentine wants revenge on her ex boyfriend, Aaron Black, who cheated on her with, as Liv would like to call her, the blonde haired bimbo who is only popular for her fake boobs, and what better way to get revenge than to date the one and only Cole Williams, the hot school bad boy, who girls swoon over and who Aaron Black just happens to envy. Oh fake date that is.

Olivia Valentine, the girl who isn't labeled, by which I mean she is not called the nerd, the slut, the normal student, nor is she the most popular girl in the school, she is just Liv. Many boys fancy her, whilst many girls envy her. Olivia Valentine has it all, the pretty looks, the long silky hair and an extremely rich mother, despite all this, she is most definitely not a horrible, snobby, stuck-up cow, if anything, she is the exact opposite.

Okay, so now add Cole Williams into the picture. Cole Williams, the one who is definitely labeled, the one labeled as the hot school bad boy. He practically has every girl just dropping at his feet and he is constantly getting into fights with other jocks. Like Liv, he also comes from a rich family, which is probably one of the reasons why he is an arrogant, cocky, self-obsessed hottie. But deep down he might just have a heart of gold.

Liv and Cole have never really spoken because of Aaron, but surely when it comes to getting revenge on Aaron Black, the two can make 

Parties, high school drama, fights, kisses, cat fights.
Your classic teen fiction.

AmySoLamey AmySoLamey 5 days ago
I love how everyone wants to switch him and cole around because this guy is hot as hell
CutieRhia_02 CutieRhia_02 a day ago
Fangirling about chico in the corner of the living room while my parents look at me like im crazy😂😁 wait but i am😂😂
oliviajz oliviajz 6 days ago
ksongz ksongz 6 days ago
Alex Turner is officially my favorite character in this book as long as he doesn't turn out to be a díck in that case I'm imagining him as some ugly fücker
CutieRhia_02 CutieRhia_02 a day ago
Noooo but i would like FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI bettah pweasee😂😘🙄
_so_Dun _so_Dun Dec 26, 2016
                              Hold up
                              Did u say Alex Turner
                              My friend is obsessed with him
                              Shame u didn't use the real Alex turner 
                              But I'll just imagine him 😊