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EvaDelRey By EvaDelRey Updated Jul 28, 2017

"Mommy,what is gay?

"It's when a man likes another man in the way mommies and daddies do.But it's a bad thing,it's a mental illness"

And that was the moment when i realized i was mentally ill

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satanoncrack satanoncrack Jun 30, 2017
I hold your hand and comfort you... Us people with mental illnesses most stick together, right?
NovaDoesNotCare NovaDoesNotCare Jun 08, 2017
Literally all of my friends including me have the "mental illness". Us diseased people travel in flocks
ok that’s not true you have a mental illness of being dumb as fúck
AshleyAndThePig AshleyAndThePig Jun 09, 2017
My bro calls gays faggots I'm not gay but I'm hurts my feelings
Then my brain is sick with you. We can stick together, you and I.
Nono baby you don’t have one ): but if you really think it is one lots of people have it and it’s not a bad thing!