Advance Bravely (Shi Bu Ke Dang - 势不可挡)

Advance Bravely (Shi Bu Ke Dang - 势不可挡)

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Anh Nguyen By AnhNguyen12332 Updated 6 hours ago

Category: modern, humor, heart melting, heart breaking, top adores bottom.

Length: 215 chapter (main story) + 10 chapters (epilogue) 

Main Couple: Yuan Zong - Xia Yao
Supporting Couples: Peng Ze - Li Zhenzhen; Xuan Da Yu - Wang Zhishui

Author: Chai Jidan 

Synopsis: Sergeant Xia Yao, born into a wealthy and renown ancestry, is a playboy who has turned over a new leaf. Yuan Zong is an ex soldier from the special forces who opened a bodyguard training company after being discharged.

When Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong's sister fell for Xia Yao's charms, but could not break down his erected barriers, she came to Yuan Zong for assistance. Little did she know, the moment Yuan Zong saw Xia Yao, this ex-special force knew no other person would ever catch his eye. 

And so begins the battle between brother and sister for the most coveted price - Xia Yao's heart.


"Brother, I'm falling for a guy, again."

Obviously, the repetition of this situation was given away by the word "again".

"But I'm unable to gain his love. Please make him like me. You are the only trustworthy man who can help me."

Yuan Zong's expression darkened.

NOTE: We don't take credit for anything except the translations, the whole credit goes to miss Chai for writing this book. The Vietnamese editorials for Advance Bravely we use is by Nguyet Cam Van (

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This looks freakin' amazing! It also looks like they got smarter about putting up the shows faster & not waiting so long this time. 
                              RIP ADDICTED, aka, her masterpiece!
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Nice trailer..when will it start showing on China. How many Ep. For Season 1.
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