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Young Love {sasuhina}

Young Love {sasuhina}

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Sasuhina /(O.O)/ By sasuhina4ever Updated Oct 16, 2016

This takes place when Sasuke and Hinata were genin. Let's see how the young genin of team 7 and 8 react to the mix up when assembling teams. Can Sasuke suppress his feelings for Hinata in order to focus on Itachi. I don't want too spoil to much! (Not very good at summarizing. You'll just have to read and find out)

I do not own Naruto sadly

Don't forget that one of the boys has to be the energetic happy type
                              And the other has to be the serious cool type 😆😁 since that's basically the characteristics of all the squad members
NaruInoHinaSasu NaruInoHinaSasu Aug 16, 2016
You're doing great so far, I love this story plz update soon.😊
Computerized_Magi Computerized_Magi Sep 19, 2016
And since that very day,  Sasuke, the great Almighty Uchiha, has been stalking Hinata Hyuuga ever since.
                              The end~😂
Anihusas Anihusas Nov 30, 2016
I love your story so far. I'll keep reading (whenever I have the time) Sasuhina rules! 💖👅
AdriWaterGirl15 AdriWaterGirl15 Dec 30, 2016
Tch whatever? Tch whatever?! TCH WHATEVER?!?!?! You would have at least said, it's fine!!!!
Anihusas Anihusas Nov 30, 2016
I don't know why Ino very tried she knows her father and his father were all part of InoShikaCho there was no way she was getting out of it.