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Something Between Us by stars_above12
Something Between Usby stars_above12
Its a sasuhina fanfic. If you don't like the ship or feel offended by it then please kindly leave. But if you are a hardcore sasuhina fan then this is the right place fo...
In Time (SasuHina) by littlebear9297
In Time (SasuHina)by danii 💖💕✌🏼
Summary Sasuke and Hinata two people who have never talked or interacted before, stare at two children who have both their blood in them. Neither one could have ever i...
Raven and Lilly by bbangp
Raven and Lillyby jinnie-trash
It was all over for Hinata Hyuga the moment she saw Naruto propose to Sakura in front of the Ichiraku ramen stall. She should have stayed in bed like her instinct had to...
Back To The Beginning  by _KingWolfie_
Back To The Beginning by Alastor Tempest
Sasuke comes to discover that maybe Sakura wasn't the one for him. He's unhappy with his life, it's the reason as to why he was barely in the village, which only made hi...
Our future || sasuhina || complete by DionaBlack
Our future || sasuhina || completeby Diona Black
And just like that, they were gone. Hinata sighed, "I miss them already." Sasuke enveloped her in a hug, "I'm going to miss those brats too." Hinata...
A Marriage of Convenience by Kitaoblaze
A Marriage of Convenienceby Kitaoblaze
"Maybe you should relish the pieces of yourself you have got. Maybe we should salvage them. Together." Uchiha Sasuke has looked for redemption but he hasn't fo...
Destined (SasuHina)  by littlebear9297
Destined (SasuHina) by danii 💖💕✌🏼
STORY COMPLETE. Sasuke didn't expect to get a letter telling him that his Banked Sperm (that was only known about by his wife whom he was not ready to have kids with) Wa...
OUR LOVE sasuhina by tazparrow
OUR LOVE sasuhinaby tazparrow
Natuto,hinata and sakura are sent on a mission to bring sasuke back to Konoha but are in for a surprise as they do so .
Another universe? by Uhnameisviolet
Another universe?by Uhnameisviolet
Yukio Uchilha who is Sasuke and hinata child in another universe,he's in a other universe where sasuke and hinata are not together??What will he do???How will go back?? ...
Wrong Decisions by celinemonleur
Wrong Decisionsby Monleur
What if Naruto has the chance, to change everything that happened after the war? Will he make the right decisions? Or will his attept, at making everyone happy fail? [ha...
Dying For Your Love by puredarlingg
Dying For Your Loveby puredarlingg
Hyuga Hinata discovers her happy ending after heartbreak... and it's with someone she would have never expected.
Can't Outrun The Past👣 by Lady_Hayes
Can't Outrun The Past👣by Heather Hayes
How can you outrun your tragic, heartbreaking past when it's steadily looking into your eyes calling you mommy, making you regret nothing. "I've done a lot of terri...
An Uchiha's Legacy by Jiang-sama
An Uchiha's Legacyby Kitty
Post War. Hinata has a promise to fulfill, and in order to do that, she has to leave the village against her father's wishes. After serving his sentence in Konoha, Sasuk...
It was always you (I DON'T OWN NARUTO BITCHES) by pandapandahoe
It was always you (I DON'T OWN Fatties✨
What happens when hinata catches naruto cheating on her with Sakura and hinata decides to get a little revenge.. With the one and only sasuke Uchiha . But what if thing...
Sasuhina month Prompt?❤️ by Red_Etoile
Sasuhina month Prompt?❤️by Umairah_Hm🌙
31 oneshots of Sasuhina Fanfic?‍?‍?‍? Disclaimers: I don't own Naruto and any of its characters, no money nor any kind of profit is made. I know the summary is lame, but...
stuck in an alternate timeline or just a dream?? (Completed) by MLC888
stuck in an alternate timeline MLC888
Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki had complete there mission and travel back from Iwagakure to return to Konohagakure but thats when something weird happens...
Cinderella; Once In A Plot Twist by Subby_star
Cinderella; Once In A Plot Twistby Subby_Star
Everybody knows the Cinderella story. A beautiful girl gets mistreated by her step mother and siblings, goes to a ball with the help of a fairy godmother, falls in love...
Wilderness by Unknown_SCP098
Wildernessby Unknown_SCP098
long story short hinata grew up in the wild
A Girl This Time! || SasuHina by KaRina-Sensei
A Girl This Time! || SasuHinaby AgustSUGAr_Daddy
A Family One-Shot with the Hyuuga-Uchiha Family Neither Hinata's 4 year old son and husband, Sasuke Uchiha, didn't know what IS THE BIG SURPRISE awaits for them. DISCLA...
Dinner With Sasuke by colorgirl3000
Dinner With Sasukeby C.G Three Thousand
Yes this is @colorgirl3000 posting my story on the Wattpad platform. was giving me troubles so...Anyway Hinata Hyuga is heartbroken when her husband The...