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Something Between Us by stars_above12
Something Between Usby stars_above12
Its a sasuhina fanfic. If you don't like the ship or feel offended by it then please kindly leave. But if you are a hardcore sasuhina fan then this is the right place fo...
Pivotal (Sasuke and Hinata) by misszerophantomhive
Pivotal (Sasuke and Hinata)by misszerophantomhive
Shhh...This is a secret relationship between Sasuke and Hinata...*silent*
Back To The Beginning  by _KingWolfie_
Back To The Beginning by Alastor Tempest
Sasuke comes to discover that maybe Sakura wasn't the one for him. He's unhappy with his life, it's the reason as to why he was barely in the village, which only made hi...
A Marriage of Convenience by Kitaoblaze
A Marriage of Convenienceby i_would_have_come_for_you
"Maybe you should relish the pieces of yourself you have got. Maybe we should salvage them. Together." Uchiha Sasuke has looked for redemption but he hasn't fo...
Our future || sasuhina || complete by DionaBlack
Our future || sasuhina || completeby Diona Black
And just like that, they were gone. Hinata sighed, "I miss them already." Sasuke enveloped her in a hug, "I'm going to miss those brats too." Hinata...
Fallen for You (ON HOLD) by blahhhhhhhhhh7
Fallen for You (ON HOLD)by Hyuuchiha BB
"The only thing that can overcome darkness, is the light."
SasuHina One Shots by Eunice_Kyla
SasuHina One Shotsby Eun Loves Mortal Kombat
SasuHina oneshots. Requests and shout-outs is available. Boredom **I'm going to edit some of my previous one shots so, yeah...**
Sasuke's obsession how an Uchiha loves(Incomplete) by MLC888
Sasuke's obsession how an Uchiha MLC888
an insane Sasuke with only one thing on his mind... what could possible go wrong? Warning: may be too dark for some readers you have been warned.
(sasuhina) what's this feeling? by kiddolly
(sasuhina) what's this feeling?by irene
This story takes place after the war and will explain how Sasuke uchiha and Hinata fall in love. it might seem strange for the two to actually end up together however le...
Husband Switch? by honey_mustarddd
Husband Switch?by Honey Mustard
It all started with a small little game...
Mirai : A Time Travel Tale by tayyabalaraib
Mirai : A Time Travel Taleby tayyabalaraib
What does future hold for Sasuke and Hinata? Does it have anything to do with the baby in the box? -a time travel tale.
Changes by mcloser_x
Changesby Mcloser
What happens when a 6 year old girl shows up at your door claiming to be your daughter?
Raven and Lilly by bbangp
Raven and Lillyby jinnie-trash
It was all over for Hinata Hyuga the moment she saw Naruto propose to Sakura in front of the Ichiraku ramen stall. She should have stayed in bed like her instinct had to...
The Uchiha Forehead Poke by asfghjkllama
The Uchiha Forehead Pokeby b-chan
He made a mistake. A bizarre one that leads to next mistakes. Maybe the mistake was not that bad, was it? At least it was the beginning of something. "Hn." [ U...
Babysitting an Uchiha *SasuHina love story* by Vanilla_miux
Babysitting an Uchiha *SasuHina Vanilla_miux
After Shinobi War, a certain hyuga finds the Uchiha in his miserable state... Declining her offer of Kindness, the Hyuga was also hard headed and instead help him.. Nar...
Feelings>>Sasuhina by Namiyochan344
Feelings>>Sasuhinaby Namiyo Matsuzuki
Sasuke knows that he has feelings for the Hyuga. He should tell her, right? A/N: Check the first published book in my other account: fraezelatimama9. Just put it here si...
Uchiha Yuki by Mariana_loveyourself
Uchiha Yukiby UchihaShisui
Yuki Uchiha is Sasuke and Hinata child in another universe of Naruto and Boruto anime Yuki mangekyou sharingan is like sasuke's rinnegan that can travel dimensions and c...
First love, last love by Bald_Rihanna
First love, last loveby Bald Rihanna
Warning: If your a Sasusaku fan or a Sakura fan in general please don't read this fic. To understand what's happening in the fic, you must have watched at least the Hina...
Sensei by mcloser_x
Senseiby Mcloser
One thing is knowing your teacher but to find out you're living with him?!
Falling for a yandere *Sasuhina* [Disconnected] by Oofsasuhina
Falling for a yandere *Sasuhina* [ Oofsasuhina
Hinata was afraid of him, due to him being cold to everyone and the rumors she's heard. Sasuke, had an obsession with hinata, he would follow her around everywhere she w...