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AU Story!  Minato and Kushina are alive!  Orochimaru isn't a missing nin!  No Uchiha massacre!  Sakura is NOT a fangirl!-

Naruto Namikaze, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.  Three members of team seven.  Three strong ninja.  Everything in their lives were fine.  Until everything slowly began to change.  

Naruto was always been seen as the Fourth Hokage's Son.  He wants to be known as Naruto Namikaze.  The Konoha Twelve and their sensei's don't praise him as the Hokage's son.  But soon when the truth about the nine tailed fox is discovered Naruto isn't even recognized at all.

Sasuke was always second.  Second to be born.  He was always behind his older brother.  As the second son of the head of the clan, his father only wants the best of the best.  And when Sasuke can't reach his brother's strength his father tries to arrange a marriage to send Sasuke away from the clan.  

Sakura was always picked on.  Whether it be because of her big forehead, her pink hair, being called weak, or just being called useless.  Sakura's parents disowned her and abused her.  Once everyone else picks up on the insults things get hectic.  

One day they all just give up.

They were team seven.  And they left Konoha.

Keep in mind I will be majorly editing this story once I'm done with it so once I'm done uploading chapters I will be editing all of my grammar and any other mistakes I make.

I'm gonna say this now, I DO NOT own Naruto.

Pein-Naru Pein-Naru 2 days ago
Man, I'm excited for the story. I've red a lot of Team Seven, and being best friends since childhood, but I haven't read one where they left Konoha yet. So, I can't wait to read XD