Married to the Mafia {manxman}

Married to the Mafia {manxman}

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(Book 2 in the Mafia Series.)

"Raymundo Vega meet your new wife, Derek Giordano."
He wheeled around in his chair and stared up at me, hate flaring in his eyes. I wanted nothing but to leap over the table and strangle him with his intestines.
"Two words." He held up his fingers in distaste and I glared at him. "Hell. No." That was it. Case closed.
23 year old Derek Giordano and 29 year old Raymundo Vega hate each other. Ever since the start. They didn't meet on good impressions and that ultimately lead to their hate for each other.
But what happens when Raymundo's ex wife wants him back and he wants nothing to do with her? His accountant John will have to set him up with someone and he has a good idea in mind.
And that idea is Derek Giordano.

christol204 christol204 Aug 28
Lol i wanna kill the update...... Can't wait for the next one
dar_n_ell dar_n_ell Aug 28
Yeah me too *stares at picture of Tyler Hoechlin's super booty* Yeah totally straight
Lorenzo86 Lorenzo86 Aug 26
why do peaple stay in abusive relayshinships ? walk away better to be alone then in bad company
Bleh188 Bleh188 Nov 02
So wouldn't Derek have to do two rounds? One as a top and one as a bottom.
warran warran Oct 13
Daddy and his wife should also have or make a baby on their own.
ArimaSama ArimaSama Sep 18
If a woman is psycho just hit her, it's self defense 👊🔪