Love Me (ManxMan)

Love Me (ManxMan)

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My parents are possibly one of the most successful human sex traffickers in my home country. Which means they have plenty of people after them. That also means I grew up running with my parents from hiding place to hiding place to get away from Mafia's, Gang's, and the FBI. It was never a normal life and I always felt guilty. I was, after all, the reason my parents got into all of this. 

Until I met Magnus. His eyes were very captivating and burrowed deeply into my own eyes. And when he made his way over to me that day, I sensed a lot of things were coming to me. I just wasn't ready for the secrets I was oblivious to, to be revealed. 


M a g n u s

But my mind traveled back to the boy I saw. His hair was dark, black and his eyes were shockingly purple. His skin was pale but his lips were plump and a light pink. 

I would do anything to see them wrapped around my-

The elevator dinged and I slowly turned to look as the doors opened. My lips pressed together as the same boy stepped inside. 

"Finally you're back, what took you so long darling?" Claire chimed from behind me and I instantly groaned. Well, damn.

"So this is the famous Esmeralda," I droned out staring him. He froze once our eyes locked and I could help but smirk a bit. He definitely amused me.

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