Almost Forgotten

Almost Forgotten

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nahndixo By nahndixo Updated May 20, 2017

4 years have passed and there still hasn't been any type of communication between the two Sienna and August. 

When they finally see each other again, you can only imagine how this would go. Friendships will form, some will end and maybe even a new relationship will come about. 

Wanna find out what happens? Well you're gonna have to read for yourself. Get ready for some drama, deceit, and even a little romance.

  • drama
  • life
  • love
  • relationships
  • violence
melissanorwood melissanorwood Oct 20, 2016
On the bus?  Bihhhh I thought y'all was going to a hotel or sum 😂😂
Unique-diva Unique-diva Oct 15, 2016
is this a sequel cause i like chap 1 bug it sounds like it could be a sequel
bellobellaaa bellobellaaa Aug 10, 2016
when you've been looking for august throughout the whole chapter 😊
Unique-diva Unique-diva Oct 15, 2016
ok so im guessin this is a squel but hoewell its nice so far i hpe that drew aint cheating he sounds too good to be tru
wedderburn71 wedderburn71 Dec 28, 2016
I love their relationship but is it wrong I want her and August back together
lovebabbys123 lovebabbys123 Aug 10, 2016
I think is mess up that si didn't tell August he has a kid and I think he should tell him or they bump into either or something bc she was wrong for that and it's  disrespectful to have somebody else acting like daddy when she didn't even tell the person who really needs to know