Hush  **on hold**

Hush **on hold**

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Danielle By danielleb333 Updated Nov 06, 2011

sorry guys

- - Nov 08, 2011
There's a few grammatical errors in here, but otherwise, good job. :)
                              Darragh got one that I noticed, but when you're talking about the character's mother, it should be "mother's" and not "mothers' ".
SamInTheTopHat SamInTheTopHat Nov 06, 2011
It should be 'never were' not where. Where is a place. :P
                              You just need to work on the grammar.
ice-aire ice-aire Jul 20, 2011
i like this story alreaqdy..honestly..i effn hate fathers like im hoping she kiks his ass off...
therightthere therightthere Jun 24, 2011
maybe try describing the emotions more than whats physically going on
rosanelly rosanelly Jan 09, 2011
Wow. Your a very good writer. For some reason I thought this was going to be supernatural or something like that, but it was so sad how she lost her mom and the way the dad treats her. 
nicolle1496 nicolle1496 Jan 05, 2011
wow, I'm already loving this story. The flashback almost had me in tears :(