The Body Swap

The Body Swap

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Ever wondered what it's like to be a boy? You're about to find out. 

Love isn't meant to be easy, everybody knows that, but is it meant to be this hard? After a mistake at a party, two highschool students end up in each other's bodies. The problem? It's hard to fall in love, when the person you love is in your own body. Read on to see how the two unfortunate students learn to adapt to each other's lives, including periods, peeing and a whole lot of awkward genital issues.

WARNING. STRONG LANGUAGE IN FIRST CHAPTER. Rated R for strong language, not sexual stuff. I mean there's a part about her poking a penis but that's only because she doesn't understand why she has one. Wouldn't you poke your own penis if you woke up as a boy one day?

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RayBlckluck RayBlckluck Apr 02, 2017
Haha I'm laughing so loud that my parents think that I'm losing my mind
Book_Worm_Writer1205 Book_Worm_Writer1205 Nov 27, 2017
I have a question: how come the girl on the cover is a brunette, while Hailey is a blonde? Is that supposed to be a Marissa?
BigBobey BigBobey Jan 04
To people who don't like the main character, you're not meant to like her.
lasyapigg lasyapigg May 29, 2016
xD... nicee! 
                              Usually the mean bitch isn't the main character!!
AbstrktArt AbstrktArt May 21, 2016
Hmm its cool since the typical "Queen B" in stories arnt normally the main character, i like it :)
BookBird210 BookBird210 Apr 14, 2016
loool you're probably bigger so you squished poor little colton haha