Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Scream

Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Scream

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"Everything I did was to keep you safe!"

"Everything you did was to keep me alive. I have never been safe, not since the damn moment I fell for you, as long as youre in my life, I may as well hand myself over to that psycho, because I'm never gonna feel safe."

"I can keep you safe!"

"How can you do that? When you couldn't even keep anyone alive? Will? Riley? Nina? Tyler? Even your own dad! They're all dead and if I don't get away from you... Then i will be too."

"What are you trying to say Jake? That I'm toxic? That I make everyone around me die? You don't think I know that?"

"No. I'm saying that I want to stay alive and I can't do that if I'm with you."

"Jake, please..."

"I'm sorry."

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With a body count slowly piling up and her friends next on the kill list, Lydia Hudson has never been more scared, yet she's never felt more alive. Her and Jake Fitzgerald had never been particularly close, that was until the murders started. It started with Nina and with every death,  each victim had seemed to be closer to her than the last and along with every death, she grew closer to Jake.

And that was why she feared for him.

Hour by hour, minute by minute, death by death, they fall for one another, but... it's never that easy.

With the town's blood soaked past and their own dark secrets catching up with them, can they keep eachother alive long enough to see what's next?

Or... will they be next on Ghostface's hit list? 

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