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Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Scream by LukeysIrishDimples
Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Screamby LukeysIrishDimples
With a body count slowly piling up and her friends next on the kill list, Lydia Hudson has never been more scared, yet she's never felt more alive. Her and Jake Fitzgera...
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The Second To Die by EverythingLily
The Second To Dieby *Everything* Lily
They're back, bloodier than ever. Can Vex and the Lakewood Six survive another wave of horror? Season 2 of Scream The Tv Series Book 2 Cover photo by @succulentt and a...
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He's not heaven, He's hell, and that's why I sin. - [MTV Scream] [ season one - ? ]
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CREEP 🔪 GUSTAVO ACOSTA by Unco0rdinated
They'd survived the most gruesome of horrors, the murders of their friends and the attempts at their own. But now the Lakewood Seven had another masked monster to face a...
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Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛ by cressidas
Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛by gia !!
❝ welcome to murderville ❞ ♛Hartley Elliott has always been running away from her past, choosing to linger on old memories that focus on her future. However she is f...
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Scream Preferences by multifandomsz_
Scream Preferencesby Fandomz
I think the title says it all...
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Scream: Season 3 Fan fiction by Kristian8575
Scream: Season 3 Fan fictionby Kristian Bixler
This is a fan fictional story about Scream.
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Daisy ° MTV's Scream by -starkling
Daisy ° MTV's Screamby meghan
❝and just like the flower, you grew and flourished. but like all beautiful things, you must die.❞
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Photograph |~Mtv Scream/Eli Hudson~| by Sadie_2024
Photograph |~Mtv Scream/Eli Hudson...by Sadie
We keep this love in a photograph We made these memories for ourselves Where our eyes are never closing Hearts are never broken Times forever frozen still Karlee Davis;...
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Give Me A Chance- Eli Hudson by theonewithfanfiction
Give Me A Chance- Eli Hudsonby mikayla
Izzie Robinson tried telling her parents Lakewood was not the place for them, too bad they didn't listen. completed and unedited.
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Scream Preferences!  by FloatingPillows
Scream Preferences! by FloatingPillows
^TITLE IS SELF EXPLANATORY^ Also, this includes male and female preferences. I'll make them accurate as possible.
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Scream Preferences, Imagines, etc. by envisioningworlds
Scream Preferences, Imagines, etc.by D.L.
Preferences, imagines, and more focused around characters from MTV's Scream! Please feel free to request, vote, and comment your favorites! If you'd like me to add more...
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Scream Imagines and Preferences by heyitsmadz0011
Scream Imagines and Preferencesby No one
Preference and imagines for the TV Series Scream. REQUESTS ARE OPEN
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MTV's Scream! One shots! by FloatingPillows
MTV's Scream! One shots!by FloatingPillows
>REQUESTS OPEN< Started: October 27th of 2019! Status:OPEN A series of CharacterXReader and CharacterXCharacter one shots by request of YOU! All from MTV's Scream...
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Scream Imagines & Preferences {ON HOLD} by ChloeStrachan
Scream Imagines & Preferences {ON...by AverageFanGirl
Want A Personal Imagine For A Character From The TV Series 'Scream'? Have An Idea For A Preference? As Of Now I'm Writing For; Noah Foster Audrey Jensen Brooke Maddox Ja...
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Kik // Eli Hudson. by bulletproofslove
Kik // Eli Hudson.by sighsleeping
"I want to meet you." "Everyone around you dies." COMPLETED € SEQUEL IS OUT!
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MTV SCREAM PREFERENCES by voidjensenaudrey
MTV SCREAM PREFERENCESby voidjensenaudrey
Audrey is my queen #1 Noah.Audrey.Gustavo.Brooke.Emma.Will.Kieran.Eli.Jake.Zoe.Riley
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DRIVE [SCREAM] by stressedsciles
Thea Fitzgerald was a small body full of all sass and sarcasm, everyone knew this about her. Whether it be her signature smirk or a sarcastic remark, people knew not to...
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Imagines by ItClouldBeMe
Imaginesby Marshmallow
Fandoms: • Scream (MTV) • Star Wars (all movies) • Avengers (usually Bucky and Steve although Bucky isn't an avenger) • More will be added later! Disclaimer: These ima...
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SCREAM FANFIC AWARDS  by mtvscreamcommunity
this book is dedicated to the wonderful authors of the scream fandom - they deserve the love!
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