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Screaming To  Death ¥ Noah Foster by Ifell_inahole
Screaming To Death ¥ Noah Fosterby 🌚I’M LAME🌚
In which the slasher movie geek is in love with the 'bitch' that rules the school. ~ Noah cleared his throat and offered her his hand. "Hi, my name is Noah Foster...
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The Wheeler Effect ✸ Brooke Maddox by whoeres
The Wheeler Effect ✸ Brooke Maddoxby (U ᵕ U❁)
Wheeler was known as the party animal in Lakewood. He brought the life to every event there was in town. Some would say that he even brought a little death with him. Bu...
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Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Scream by LukeysIrishDimples
Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Screamby LukeysIrishDimples
With a body count slowly piling up and her friends next on the kill list, Lydia Hudson has never been more scared, yet she's never felt more alive. Her and Jake Fitzgera...
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SHH 🔪 SCREAM by Unco0rdinated
SHH 🔪 SCREAMby Yella
Ella Duval was drifting through life until a murder arrives at her small town of Lakewood along with the handsome son of the Sheriff forcing her confront the cold hard t...
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One Last Scream by lemonlade
One Last Screamby Queen B
London Patterson is the younger sister of Nina Patterson. She's fierce, bitchy, and stubborn. London is a part of Lakewood High's hottest, to which she says obviously. ...
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all you have is your fire... and the place you need to reach - don't you ever tame your demons but always keep 'em on a leash Lakewood, aka Murderville is a town that i...
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Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛ by cressidas
Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛by gia !!
❝ welcome to murderville ❞ ♛Hartley Elliott has always been running away from her past, choosing to linger on old memories that focus on her future. However she is f...
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CREEP 🔪 GUSTAVO ACOSTA by Unco0rdinated
They'd survived the most gruesome of horrors, the murders of their friends and the attempts at their own. But now the Lakewood Seven had another masked monster to face a...
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ecstasy ◇ j. fitzgerald  by habitsof-myheart
ecstasy ◇ j. fitzgerald by habitsof-myheart
EC • STA • SY / ' EKSTƏSĒ / 1. an overwhelming feeling of happiness or joy | Season 1 | | j. fitzgerald |
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Scream Preferences, Imagines, etc. by envisioningworlds
Scream Preferences, Imagines, etc.by D.L.
Preferences, imagines, and more focused around characters from MTV's Scream! Please feel free to request, vote, and comment your favorites! If you'd like me to add more...
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DÉJÀ VU 🔪 NOAH FOSTER by Unco0rdinated
For the people of Lakewood, if there was one word synonymous with Riley Prescott, it would be survivor. For she was constantly defying the odds and coming out alive. But...
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EPHEMERAL ⊳ NOAH FOSTER by scottsummers-
EPHEMERAL ⊳ NOAH FOSTERby slainte mothafuckas 🌟
❝Life is like a movie. Only you can't pick your genre.❞ [scream the tv series season 1] [noah foster/mallory thompson]
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Scream Preferences by multifandomsz_
Scream Preferencesby Fandomz
I think the title says it all...
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poison ivy ↬ noah foster by cassidycascade
poison ivy ↬ noah fosterby only you
in which she had never been anything but extraordinary
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Reckless | Audrey Jensen | Scream  by megsaveragelife
Reckless | Audrey Jensen | Scream by Megan Cullen
"I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned." Reckless ~ Audrey Jensen And so the beauty falls for the bi-curious MTV Scream
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[Based on season one of Scream: the TV show] Book one of Shattered, a Noah Foster story Alyssa Lane, best friend of Audrey Jensen and Noah Foster, was just a normal 16 y...
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pumpkin; n. foster by XHayleeG
pumpkin; n. fosterby ♧ H A Y L E E ◇
karly smith is new to lakewood. what happens when she meets the 'geek' and his friends, does she die? - "Noah i'm going to die!" , "no you're not, stay w...
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Deadly love | Jake Fitzgerald  by inthedarkcabello
Deadly love | Jake Fitzgerald by inthedarkcabello
"You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts." Mia Elmore was the one of the good ones of Lakewood's high school "popul...
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Scream Series (Jake Fitzgerald)   by grei04
Scream Series (Jake Fitzgerald) by Anonymous
Blakely James Carter is your normal 16 year old girl. Ruling George Washington high school in Lakewood,Louisiana with her best friend Nina Patterson by her side. Togethe...
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Secret's Can Kill (Jake Fitzgerald) by fandoms_forever32
Secret's Can Kill (Jake Fitzgerald)by Belle
Cover made by @alexishutchens8 Jordan Sommers is a sarcastic, b*tchy red head. But she's not all that. She's about to find out a secret that will change her life. And h...
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