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Dying Light - Noah Foster | MTV Scream by ktandbiscuits
Dying Light - Noah Foster | MTV ktandbiscuits
Roni was forced to move to Lakewood at the beginning of the school year. She didn't mind, she was obsessed and she knew the towns history. Nobody knows her story, w...
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Psychology ↣ Noah Foster [1] by BeautyAndMarie_
Psychology ↣ Noah Foster [1]by Marie
❝A psychopath doesn't just become one for the publicity. They have two objectives, a line drawn from either perfection or destruction❞. Psychology [season one] Copyright...
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half a heart » noah foster by kkourtney
half a heart » noah fosterby kourt
in which aurora belmont returns to lakewood. [seasons 1-2] [oc x noah foster] [lowercase intended]
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and aren't we all just wilting flowers in a crowded garden waiting for someone who will appreciate the beauty of our petals while it still exists scream tv series fanfi...
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Daisy ° MTV's Scream by -starkling
Daisy ° MTV's Screamby meg
❝and just like the flower, you grew and flourished. but like all beautiful things, you must die.❞
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The Last Scream (Noah Foster/ Scream Series FF) Wattys 2017 by EverythingLily
The Last Scream (Noah Foster/ *Everything* Lily
Vex moves to Lakewood for a fresh start, or at least that's what she tells everybody. Her real reason... to escape her past. First day jitters are nothing compared to th...
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The Second To Die by EverythingLily
The Second To Dieby *Everything* Lily
They're back, bloodier than ever. Can Vex and the Lakewood Six survive another wave of horror? Season 2 of Scream The Tv Series Book 2 Cover photo by @succulentt and a...
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Scream Imagines and Preferences by heyitsmadz0011
Scream Imagines and Preferencesby No one
Preference and imagines for the TV Series Scream. REQUESTS ARE OPEN
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He's not heaven, He's hell, and that's why I sin. - [MTV Scream] [ season one - ? ]
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Scream Imagines by heartshappedxans
Scream Imaginesby Cupcake
Imagines about one of my favorite shows lmao
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Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Scream by LukeysIrishDimples
Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Screamby LukeysIrishDimples
With a body count slowly piling up and her friends next on the kill list, Lydia Hudson has never been more scared, yet she's never felt more alive. Her and Jake Fitzgera...
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Whisper↠ MTV Scream. by TheCanadianWonder
Whisper↠ MTV Zed
"your sister's dead, so you... bleached your hair?" "call it teenage rebellion." "not grief?" "i'm sorry, when did we decide that p...
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I Need You - Audrey Jensen.  by ChloeFair_Child
I Need You - Audrey Jensen. by Chloe FairChild
Chloe Benson has lived in Lakewood for as long as she could remember. She lived with her Dad and her mom left her and her dad when she was a baby and she hasn't heard fr...
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One Last Scream by lemonlade
One Last Screamby Queen B
London Patterson is the younger sister of Nina Patterson. She's fierce, bitchy, and stubborn. London is a part of Lakewood High's hottest, to which she says obviously. ...
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Scream by LuekHamming1996
Screamby 🤡
A group of friends all close. All alive. What happens when people start to get murdered? A pair of best friends are brought close to the group over these murders...and o...
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The Jock Secret by KingGris
The Jock Secretby Aldair
Jake has a secret. He finds Noah cute. They have been on a secret relationship for months now until one day Noah has enough.
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audrey jensen imagines by symptomatic_
audrey jensen imaginesby samantha
All of the Audrey Jensen imagines I wrote when I was 17/18. It's amazing people still read these, I love it!
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all you have is your fire... and the place you need to reach - don't you ever tame your demons but always keep 'em on a leash Lakewood, aka Murderville is a town that i...
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Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛ by cressidas
Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛by gia !!
❝ welcome to murderville ❞ ♛Hartley Elliott has always been running away from her past, choosing to linger on old memories that focus on her future. However she is f...
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Audrey Jensen x Reader (Imagines) by DaarkSoulls
Audrey Jensen x Reader (Imagines)by koko
I've been obsessed with MTV's show, Scream. And I may have fallen in love with a character. Whoops. Anyways, imagines for Audrey Jensen (aka. Bex Taylor-Klaus) Warning! ...
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