The Last Scream (Noah Foster/ Scream TV Series FF) #Wattys2016

The Last Scream (Noah Foster/ Scream TV Series FF) #Wattys2016

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Brandon James, my most unhealthy obsession. Okay, so I'm not some crazed teenager who moved to a town just so I could study it's crazy homicidal past... okay, maybe I was. My name is Vex Wilson, Nina Patterson's cousin. You may have heard of my blog online- no? You know my cousin? *insert dramatic groan* Maybe you should start living life. I moved to Lakewood with my practically absent mother for two reasons- I wanted to learn more about Brandon James and why he suddenly just snapped one night; and to get away from my past. I had always been fascinated by the evils of the world, along with the villains in a horror movie, but Brandon James didn't strike me as your average psycho killer. Yeah, he killed five people- but what did the mysterious girl have to do with it? As for my past, well that's a story that should stay untold.

Vex moves to Lakewood for a fresh start, or at least that's what she tells everybody. Her real reason... to escape her past. First day jitters are nothing compared to the shock of a lifetime Vex receives first hour. Now, the horror that is her life just seems to be starting anew. That is, until she meets Noah Foster. He's the nerdy kid with an obsession for serial killers just like her. He likes horror movies and is utterly adorable. Determination to survive didn't prepare her for the need to become his friend - to know him and even, to protect him.

When she begins to get the phone calls, as well as the texts from the killer- she begins to question her entire life. Fighting for her life, secrets begin to unravel and she begins to question who she can trust. Her only wish, don't let her life end with the last scream.

Cover by @succulentt 
I do not own the Scream Tv Franchise. I only own the characters I create.

liv_wilson liv_wilson Jul 04
what if she's just like Piper? I'm getting way too far ahead of myself😂😂😂
Rarlforlife Rarlforlife Aug 24
<3 Noah~kun if you ever die I will hunt them down and gut them like a fish.......... o-o
jagandjop jagandjop Nov 23
Ya know whats creepy?? My name is mentioned twice in mtv's Scream.
Awesome starting. I couldn't have done it any better. Btw, the show if off the chain.
AddictedToBarryAllen AddictedToBarryAllen Jul 21, 2015
I love it Noah and vex are so adorable together I ship them so hard