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Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Scream by LukeysIrishDimples
Alive >> Jake Fitzgerald << Screamby LukeysIrishDimples
With a body count slowly piling up and her friends next on the kill list, Lydia Hudson has never been more scared, yet she's never felt more alive. Her and Jake Fitzgera...
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Dying Light - Noah Foster | MTV Scream by ktandbiscuits
Dying Light - Noah Foster | MTV ktandbiscuits
Roni was forced to move to Lakewood at the beginning of the school year. She didn't mind, she was obsessed and she knew the towns history. Nobody knows her story, w...
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Hell Fire 》 by ninjasaysnotoyou
Hell Fire 》by SPICY MEMEE
When Susanna Prescott and her mother, Sidney Prescott, moved to the town of Lakewood, who knew all hell would break loose? "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?&q...
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Multifandom Gif Series by -falseprophets
Multifandom Gif Seriesby -ˏˋ s i e r r a ˊˎ-
❝NOT EVERY FAIRYTALE HAS A HAPPY ENDING.❞ Highest Ranking: #182 in Random - April 21, 2017
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He's not heaven, He's hell, and that's why I sin. - [MTV Scream] [ season one - ? ]
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Screaming Murder [MTV's Scream] by braveprinxess
Screaming Murder [MTV's Scream]by taylor
Lakewood was a town full of secrets and mysteries ever since the massacre of teenagers that had been murdered by Brandon James. It was a place that people would visit fo...
I Need You - Audrey Jensen.  by ChloeFair_Child
I Need You - Audrey Jensen. by Chloe FairChild
Chloe Benson has lived in Lakewood for as long as she could remember. She lived with her Dad and her mom left her and her dad when she was a baby and she hasn't heard fr...
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Scream Imagines by MrsRandyMeeksForLife
Scream Imaginesby MrsRandyMeeksForLife
Imagines for the four scream movies and the MTV TV series. If you'd like an imagine just message me.
One Last Scream by lemonlade
One Last Screamby Queen B
London Patterson is the younger sister of Nina Patterson. She's fierce, bitchy, and stubborn. London is a part of Lakewood High's hottest, to which she says obviously. ...
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Audrey Jensen Scream Imagines by hollymay666
Audrey Jensen Scream Imaginesby Gay Writer
Audrey Jensen imagines from my tumblr @bicuriousbarnes Feel free to leave requests on here or tumblr :))
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Handsome Devils|| Dolan Twins + Alex Aiono by Uptown21
Handsome Devils|| Dolan Twins + J
"Selfish people live longer." After being estranged for several months, three best friends reconnect when they start to receive threatening text messages from...
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Scream by LuekHamming1996
Screamby 🤡
A group of friends all close. All alive. What happens when people start to get murdered? A pair of best friends are brought close to the group over these murders...and o...
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Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛ by cressidas
Open Your Heart | Jake Fitzgerald ♛by gia !!
❝ welcome to murderville ❞ ♛Hartley Elliott has always been running away from her past, choosing to linger on old memories that focus on her future. However she is f...
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Scream preferences by AudreyJensen0045
Scream preferencesby AudreyJensen0045
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Coming For Blood [MTV's Scream] by braveprinxess
Coming For Blood [MTV's Scream]by taylor
[BOOK 2] When people used to hear the name Poppy Belmont, they would think of the girl whom was friends with the most popular group in high school. They would think of t...
murder is like potato chips, you can't just stop at one scream fanficfion @argentsflowr
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Scream Preferences, Imagines, etc. by envisioningworlds
Scream Preferences, Imagines, D.L.
Preferences, imagines, and more focused around characters from MTV's Scream! Please feel free to request, vote, and comment your favorites! If you'd like me to add more...
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Scream Imagines And Preferences by Outsiderfangirl231
Scream Imagines And Preferencesby Melissa
imagines preferences of your favorite characters ~Audrey ~Emma ~Noah ~Stavo ~Kieran ~Will ~Jake Requests Open!!!
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Lone Ranger | Jake Fitzgerald by stilessavedlydia
Lone Ranger | Jake Fitzgeraldby samantha :)
"So, basketball isn't your usual scene...what're you doing here?" Emma wondered, moving over wanting Sarah to sit beside her. Sarah looked at the empty spot an...
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Pity Party ➳ Jake Fitzgerald by rhysandamon
Pity Party ➳ Jake Fitzgeraldby cher
"We can only run for so long. Then we stop and we have two choices; we can die or we can fight and I sure as hell don't plan on dying". Katherine Addams has be...
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