The Eve and the Servamp (Kuro X Reader)

The Eve and the Servamp (Kuro X Reader)

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Em By kuramika Updated Jan 28, 2017

One day you were walking home from school until you saw a black cat who needed help. What would be the consequences for picking up the stray cat?

- I will be adding a few details from the plot in Servamp but it will not follow it throughly. 

- I'm still debating to add Mahiru as a regular in my story. I'm leaning more to yes because I love Mahiru lmao 

- I do not own anything from Servamp!

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Wizard401 Wizard401 Dec 09, 2017
The first thing I would do if there was a stranger in my house, quickly tip toe to the kitchen, grab a knife, and assassins kill him!🔪😈😂😆
Little_Miss_Uchiha Little_Miss_Uchiha Oct 30, 2017
I sin 24/7 because the amount of things I say, read and do......
balletgirl balletgirl Jan 08
At least this time you will die first.....
                              Too soon...ok sorry
BOI you better not make a maids outfit!😂💢😂💢😂💢😂💢😂😂💢
sadiesenpai sadiesenpai Nov 25, 2017
"We'll, he can talk, turn into a human, oh, and a Hugh black lion bigger that the top of some building's. So yeah. He's the definition of normal. "
Wizard401 Wizard401 Dec 09, 2017
By this time, I would have already been running down the street to the airport.