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White Rabbit ||Servamp|| by kagetobi
White Rabbit ||Servamp||by リアンナ
8 Servamps. Sleep Ash Of Sloth. Old Child Of Pride. Doubt Doubt Of Envy. The Mother Of Wrath. Lawless Of Greed. World End Of Gluttony. All Of Love Lust. Who Is Coming Of...
Servamp: Of broken bonds and sorrows by Nemuruyukine
Servamp: Of broken bonds and Nemuruyukine
Servamp fanfiction. When the eves abruptly decide to break the contract with their servamps, it's a storm of confusion, anger and mostly pain that rages within. Little d...
🆂🅴🆁🆅🅰🅼🅿- 🅾🅼🅴🅶🅰🆅🅴🆁🆂 Jekuni is my favorite ship
""A great indicator to know if you're an Alpha, a Beta, or an Omega," Kuro scratched his head, his other siblings listened closely, but the eldest...
Ⓛⓘⓥⓘⓝⓖ Ⓣⓞⓖⓔⓣⓗⓔⓡ by BoNgcLLm
Ⓛⓘⓥⓘⓝⓖ Ⓣⓞⓖⓔⓣⓗⓔⓡby Jekuni is my favorite ship
Misono and Mikuni have been separated for years, thier servamps, Lily and Jeje had a plan that they will live together as brothers and lovers as the same time? Servamp b...
Servamp Group Chat  by Kasumi1610
Servamp Group Chat by Kasumi (かすみ)
The title says it all. Therefore, enjoy your happy reading (^_^) (Don't worry, every Servamp character will be included in this group chat at some point)
One more Time by Hooman_Wreck_QvQ
One more Timeby Ami Roxas
Mahiru got a call early in the morning for a secret meeting with the so called mad scientist in his group of friends. Later, he finds himself forced to drink a strange l...
Servamp || Zodiac by buonkatsu
Servamp || Zodiacby 🍑Mama Jeza🍑
Humans are such cruel creatures. To think ur apart of this too Kuro! What a pain. Cute little Mahi Mahi and the wonderful lazy cat
The Fox's Eve by AlejandraDaisuki
The Fox's Eveby Alejandra Daisuki >3<
What would happen if, after the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, Tsubaki went wondering around town but ends up feeling ill, whitch is very weird for being a vampire. Just as...
Eve Too Melancholy || Tsubaki x Reader || by Alexander_The_Writer
Eve Too Melancholy || Tsubaki x Alexander Leif
(Y/N) (L/N) is a sixteen-year-old high school student who was sent to her older cousin Mahiru's so she could get to know him again. she doesn't really like socializing...
GLASS -A Servamp Kid!Fic- by GalaxyLink
GLASS -A Servamp Kid!Fic-by GalaxyLink
Mahiru Shirota, 10 years old. I like simple things, and hate troublesome things. So does my Uncle, that's why he adopted a foster kid. I had no idea that things would...
Servamps x reader by Itsahabit17
Servamps x readerby Itsahabit17
Yuno gasai, 15 years old, first year high school student, along with mahiru shiota, who hides a buried secret till the two meet a stray little cat....who turns out to be...
~•Servamp x Reader One Shots!!😍😘•~ by Otaku_and_Gamer0101
~•Servamp x Reader One Shots!!😍😘 Otaku_and_Gamer0101
This will be a Servamp x Reader oneshots.This will include lime,lemons,Smuts,fluffs,angsts and spngfics. My friend will also help me and she will also receive some credi...
Servamp Truth or Dare by anime4life2006
Servamp Truth or Dareby Yuchan
Ask or dare any of the Servamps and Eves and maybe the subclasses.
Servamps The Ninth Sin of Curiosity... The Wonderer by FlamesDJ
Servamps The Ninth Sin of FlamesDJ
Okay so first off I don't own any Servamp characters, or any other anime characters appearing in this book, only my OCs & this will update every Monday & Friday... let's...
Servamp Art Book (cause why not) by Post-it-Notes
Servamp Art Book (cause why not)by Post-it-Notes
Mostly doodles of the Envy pair right now because I fricking love JeJe I don't know why If someone comments someone one for me to draw then I'll try to draw it probably...
Servamp Yaoi One Shots by Shadow_Moonlight05
Servamp Yaoi One Shotsby Shadow_Moonlight05
A Servamp One Shot book! YAY!!!! This is also my first book for Wattpad! This book contains yaoi, and rarely any bad language. Here are some of the ships that will be in...
Caged Free (Misono x Reader) [ON HOLD] by Shizuee
Caged Free (Misono x Reader) [ON Shizuee
(Misono x Reader Drabble) - It all started on one rainy night when the Servamp of Lust; All of Love saved you from a car crash. Luckily, you were not badly wounded, well...
SERVAMP X READER!! by Shakira_Balqis
SERVAMP X READER!!by Shakira Balqis
||NOT EDITED|| it all say on the tittle and this book cover you are 14 years old kid name Shirota (y/n) you live together with your big brother shirota mahiru 15 years...
Blue Eve 【 SerVamp 】 by Rara_Avisa
Blue Eve 【 SerVamp 】by zawieszone
【Wiecznie nieokrzesana chłopczyca pisząca Light Novel- Shirohara Rin, pewnego dnia zostaje wplątana w przygarnięcie małego kota. Z wielkim niezadowoleniem zabiera go do...