Change Of Heart (Vampire Knight X Reader)

Change Of Heart (Vampire Knight X Reader)

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carmelthang By carmelthang Updated Jun 20

Hello. This is my first X Reader ever so be a bit easy on me alright. Anyway in this story, you become the center of attention for all the vampires and yes even some females. Mostly one sided for the females. There is going to be some smut here and there (maybe even a lemon) between a character and you, so if you don't like that I suggest you don't read this book. Anyway, enjoy the story. Bye.

P.S. There is strong language in here.

P.S.S. I am going to make different endings for the male characters. And if you guys want me to, I can make one for the females as well.


No author-chan Im not sure I need to be in the night class. I need to be in the class of mass murderers and phsychos
xTheScarletBitchx xTheScarletBitchx Aug 15, 2016
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