From The Past [SleepyAsh(Kuro)xReader]

From The Past [SleepyAsh(Kuro)xReader]

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(Y/l/n) Belle.. The great great grandmother of you; (Y/n). Though, she has never met or seen her grave, she had heard stories about Belle..

And how she saved a vampire's life by using her own. 

(Y/n) liked the stories, however. 

But, going back to her hometown changed her life. She found a fox and took it in, naming it Bisha. And much like Mahiru, coming back from school seemed to change their lives. 

It's been at least three months into Bisha and (Y/n)'s contract and only they fight unless danger in or someone else needs it. But, when being friends with Mahiru can be tough when she fights to protect him..only to find out a little bit of Sleepy Ash's past.

[#5 on #kuroxreader - April 17,2017]

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Westinia Westinia May 28, 2017
I don't mind, but a kiss on the lips is a sin in my religion
Flurrrie Flurrrie Nov 14, 2017
Is Bisha her name or is it
BlackShewolf7 BlackShewolf7 Sep 09, 2017
Mahiru: I'm okay with the mushy stuff, just don't take things to the next level in the relationship! Got it Kuro
                              Me: I'm just trying to figure out wether or not to take you seriously bish
Westinia Westinia May 28, 2017
I don't have a yellow dress tho and I rarely read books and I can't cook. And I don't need a man, I have anime
Todoraaakie Todoraaakie Aug 01, 2017
Soooo really really pale and ginger hair 
                              Pfft I look like a vampire I just need red eyes
Moon_Lily5 Moon_Lily5 Aug 02, 2016
                              Please respond to me if you're going to continue this or not, i'd like to know ty!! OwO