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The Tower With No Walls (Excerpt)

The Tower With No Walls (Excerpt)

288 Reads 0 Votes 2 Part Story
Mica Scotti Kole By Fieronis Completed

A life lived for others... or a life lived for lies?

K-1 is one of only twelve survivors of the night-sickness, a plague which has left her undeveloped and hairless. Rejected by society, K-1 has lived her entire life waiting on upper-class masters, trading samples of her blood for medicine that keeps her alive . She always believed her blood would help find a cure... until the day she hears the voice in her head. 

The voice belongs to a prisoner of her masters - and when he suggests that her altruistic life may not be what it seems, K-1 must choose between her medicine and her freedom. But K-1's keepers are watchful, and in stepping outside the lines, she attracts the attention of a blood-loving tyrant and the killing force that is pulling his strings....

  • adult
  • altruism
  • classism
  • dark
  • disease
  • diversity
  • escape
  • fantasy
  • fire
  • giants
  • heroic
  • lgbtq
  • magic
  • mindreading
  • new
  • romance
  • society
  • standalone
  • steampunk
  • war