The Boyfriend App

The Boyfriend App

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Mon D Rea By phenomenalpen Completed

*Wattys 2018 Winner / Hidden Gems*


Weeks before Valentine's, seventeen-year-old Kate Lapuz goes through her first ever breakup, but soon she stumbles upon a mysterious new app called My Dream Boyfriend, an AI chatbot that has the ability to understand human feelings. Casually, she participates in the app's trial run but finds herself immersed in the empathic conversations with her customizable virtual boyfriend, Ecto. 

In a society both connected and alienated by technology, Kate suspects an actual secret admirer is behind Ecto. Could it be the work of the techie student council president Dion or has Kate really found her soulmate in bits of computer code? She decides to get to the bottom of the cutting-edge app. Her search for Ecto's real identity leads Kate to prom, where absolute knowledge comes with a very steep price.

  • clean
  • comingofage
  • contemporary
  • english
  • fantasy
  • filipino
  • highschool
  • innocent
  • love
  • millenial
  • mobile
  • philippines
  • pinoy
  • prom
  • purelove
  • romance
  • school
  • scifi
  • teen
  • valentines
  • wattys2018
  • wholesome
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  • youngadult
Oh my freaking God, yes! I live in the Philippines and it literally always feels like that.
dolltina34 dolltina34 Oct 13
He is a bad boy! What do you expect? Is there a bad boy who has good manners?
azreddy azreddy Oct 10
I just finished this book, and now I'm starting over because it's just so AWESOME! I didn't even stop to comment the first time through. You won't regret reading this book!
dolltina34 dolltina34 Oct 13
The brain: is realistic
                              The heart? Fantasizes too much. The fantasy is even higher when the owner is a sucker if cheesy soap operas and chick flicks
dolltina34 dolltina34 Oct 13
Yea. I'd even place my phone in silent mode when I'm in this mood
dolltina34 dolltina34 Oct 13
Go ahead and flood the school. At least it will wash away the people who've hurt you