Needed Me » NaLu

Needed Me » NaLu

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Garlic Bread By solarvevo Updated May 31

"First, you say you trust me then deny when I tell you the truth?! I see no logic here, Natsu."

"I know what you're trying to do! Lots of girls do the same thing! I'm just surprised that you'd stoop this low, Lucy. We're already friends. Sorry, let me rephrase that: We were friends. Goodbye, Lucy."


When Lucy confronts Natsu about a little something in her tummy, he gets defensive and leaves. So now Lucy's on her own, with her and Natsu's child. Now what?

Nalu_best Nalu_best Jul 08
Is that away of saying he's gay? If so good job it's hilarious
shadowishes shadowishes Jul 10
And by 'cake cutter' I'm assuming you mean a knife? That's a hilarious way to say knife. XD
Trying not to laugh while everyone is asleep is not easy yet here I am
Fun fact I can't pronounce her name so I call her Lasagna x3
Luce-Lu Luce-Lu Jul 10, 2016
This is really good. but no wayyy! i really hate lisanna. O.O
Bubbles_x_boomer Bubbles_x_boomer Sep 09, 2016
Nashi that's mean *whispers* we don't say it in front of her