Riptide Queen

Riptide Queen

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Peridot Diamond: A short, pale blonde scientist who is socially awkward. All she cares about is science, facts, and logics. She's never really had a friend and she's never felt attracted to anyone, until she meets Lapis Lazuli. 

Lapis Lazuli: A tall, tan bluenette life guard who's all over the place. She's carefree, wild, and she's pretty odd. No one knows it, but she struggles with depression. 


Peridot Diamond is a dorky scientist from Beach City High. Her life revolves around school, and of course science. She's fine being alone, and she has never felt attached to anyone. This all changes when she meets Lapis Lazuli.  

At first the two hate eachother, they want nothing to do with one another. They absolutely loathe eachother. 

But that slowly starts to change as Peridot and Lapis begin learn more about one another. Peridot isn't really a narcissist, and Lapis isn't really as strange as she seems. 

Peridot soon finds herself developing feelings for Lapis, feelings she's never felt before. Confused and afraid, Peridot is trying her best to figure this out. Yet she can't help but wonder...

Does Lapis feel the same?

[None of the art displayed in the book belongs to me, credit to the artists!]

@lapidotsuniverse  I really like what you've done with this story keep up the good ork
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Kay_Cords Kay_Cords Sep 05
Only chapter 2 and you've already made my heart sink. What are you doing to me? ;-;