My Monster

My Monster

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Einat Segal By EinatSegal Updated 13 hours ago

Sophie Green is so antisocial that she might actually be a sociopath. Her mission in life is to survive high school without murdering someone.  Senior year is starting and Shawn Henderson, the class heartthrob and bad boy regent, suddenly announces that he will win Sophie's heart (and virginity) by Christmas. This sets the viperous and popular Ashley Glick and her cronies on Sophie faster than anyone can blink.

Enter Landon Pearce - the new kid. Fresh off the plane from Australia, he's tan and so handsome that even Sophie finds it hard to look away.

He's shrouded in mystery, yet impossible to resist. What will Sophie do when she discovers that his dark and dangerous past is filled with monsters?

Many thanks to @Abyss-of-Crazy for the beautiful cover.

They seem to use sugared almond sweets alot in Mediterranean weddings. I agree they're gross!
akaashit- akaashit- Oct 21
I am loving this so much! The writing style is 10/10 and the originality got me hooked , and I just love how three dimensional Sophie sounds :)
Sophie has a strong voice. That made this chapter a very entertaining read. The conversation she had with her parents in the car was relatable and helped show what the family's dynamic is like.
baileykz baileykz Nov 04
I love your characterization of Sophie. She's a fabulous MC. Snarky and easy to be in her head. :)
Oh my god, I love this story! It's always been in my library but it's been one of those stories that I never bothered to read! In such an idiot for doing that...😅
morgan2162000 morgan2162000 6 days ago
Now that is opposite of me I am in love with the world because I am weird. And people even judge me on that lol