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I Am Only One {Mature Vampire Romance}

I Am Only One {Mature Vampire Romance}

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EmelineRousselot By EmelineRousselot Updated Jun 09

He gripped one of my wrists and forced it away from my body, while his other hand came up to fondle my revealed breast.  Without thinking, I reacted out of reflex, slapping him hard across the cheek and spat, 'Don't touch me!'   Shit, it was like hitting a rock.
 His eyes flashed crimson and his grip on my wrist tightened painfully. Any more and I was certain it would snap into pieces. A small cry came from my throat. He smiled at me lasciviously and said, 'I think it's time I taught you some manners.' He released my wrist and reached for his belt instead, undoing it.
My eyes widened as fear shot through me.
Vladimir's voice lowered hypnotically as he commanded, 'Get down on your knees.'
 NOTE:  This book is mature. It contains sexual encounters as well as intense relationships, humor and clever twists/turns you will never expect (I shit you not).  If you like badboy vampires, hunters, a ridiculously hot Fae king and a stubborn-full-of-fire female lead, you will love this story. 
 You will have to FOLLOW me to see the PRIVATE chapters. Right now, there are two Private chapters, however the book contains several more chapters that are quite steamy. Enjoy.
      10/2016 REVIEW by NewAdultReads, Rheanns
    "The book cover boasts a lot of promise, and the novel starts off strong by immediately delivering on that promise. The build up isn't long and dragged out. Instead, the author gets straight to the point. Which I loved. As soon as you move into the first chapter, you are sucked into a vivid nightlife full of danger, vampires and hunters. The plot is obviously well thought out, and full of intrigue at every turn. It has all the elements of a best seller. I was surprised to have discovered it on Wattpad...Dark, sexy and refreshingly funny. What more could you ask for?"  
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farralias farralias 5 days ago
Because it was ancient, they can duplicate. Like a cockroach. So the girl is part vampire. You're her mate like a werewolf. And I am a fortune teller.
okaleah okaleah Jun 09
Is Raine pronounced like Rain or Rainy? And how do you say Micage haha
InkedMoto InkedMoto Jul 14
*when my friends say "you smell good"*
                              "Its called bathing" 😂
Damn you don't mess around! Ok then, lets get down to business.
hobotoe hobotoe May 30
^ ^ amanda seyfried is gorgeous, who do you think you are lol?
maya_lu maya_lu Jul 09
It's a kind of  "expect the unexpected" story, love it 👏👏👏