I Am Only One {Mature Vampire Romance}

I Am Only One {Mature Vampire Romance}

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Her body was exquisite. I wanted to run my tongue around her hardened nipples and grasp her hips while sinking inside her. I contemplated what sounds she would make when I nudged her deep, and how long it would take before she screamed my name. It wasn't a matter of  if she would scream my name, only when.

I shook my head, trying to clear my rampant thoughts. If she'd never been touched by a man, starting out with me was an extremely dangerous choice. Anxiety rolled through me. There would be no 'starting out', because that implied a continuation and all she had was an ending. I hadn't just come here for answers.

Tonight, she was going to die by my hand... 

NOTE:  Contains graphic intimacy, intense relationships, humor and clever twists you will never expect!  FOLLOW me to see the PRIVATE chapters! 

Jadalove16: Honestly, this book deserves a Grammy, an Emmy, an Oscar, a Golden globe, all the Watty awards and every award that exists. This is hands down the best Wattpad book I have read and it is most definitely is in the top 3 of my favourite books ever. It is by far the most unpredictable book I have ever read. I seriously want this book to be published and sold because I would definitely buy it. This book deserves universal recognition, that's how fucking great it was. I constantly put off sleep because I was so absorbed in the story. I even went to bed one hour before I would wake up one time. Even though the this book was based on fantasy it felt so real and the characters, the problems, conflicts and everything that occurred was realistic. It was well written and hardly predictable. When you thought you knew something, it was something completely different. This book was an emotional rollercoaster and I enjoyed the ride.     

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Not even a chapter in and ya girl is confused 🤷🏻‍♀️
elsaratu elsaratu 2 days ago
Raine is my teacher's name, ugh this is so awkward😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
auuthor auuthor Mar 08
I was just watching Hell’s Kitchen and now I’m attaching Gordon Ramsey’s voice to him. Its fckin up the book for me 😂, but i love it so far.
mishakelly mishakelly Mar 08
Princess frinking bride.
                              Everytime i see this phrase in book or here it ina movie😂😂
Alpha_Laney Alpha_Laney 4 days ago
OHMYGOD. Yummyyyy....
                              But. I’d still get a strawberry daiquiri...Those are my favorite.
Is this the first book? And the first chapter? Because i am undoubtedly confused right now.