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Charlie By Inconvenient_Ideal Updated Jun 09

Sequel to: Beyond the Sun.
Life was never an easy feint, it would be asking too much for life to be easy now. Establishing himself as a resident hero of Metropolis, plus reporter by day; how could life possibly get any more hectic? Like before Zod's failed invasion was bad enough, honestly, Clark didn't think he was asking for too much for life to calm down now.
Sadly, as ever, life had other ideas.
Gotham's resident bat's kicking up a fuss and hitting headlines in all manner of ways, it clearly wouldn't take long before he set his sights firmly in Clark's direction; not that he was wholly wishing to fight Batman, but if that's what it took for him to back off, then so be it.
If that wasn't enough, Bruce Wayne and his sudden injection into his and Annie's life proves to be more harmful than good, but then this is Bruce Wayne, what else could anyone expect? It is not exactly a shock when it's learned that himself and Batman are one and the same.
Competing companies, madmen creating monsters from Kryptonian's, a God from space, a child and a possible wedding. It was definitely safe to say that life was only just starting to get a bit hectic.

JellyBandit JellyBandit Jun 16, 2016
My enthusiasm everyday for 365 days and an extra for four years.
                              For four, ah! 😀😂
JellyBandit JellyBandit Jun 16, 2016
They're honestly so many Steve's...  I'm thinking about Captain America and Antman, I don't know. 😪
JellyBandit JellyBandit Jun 16, 2016
I just imagined touching a camel with a straw and as soon as it touched its back it just fell and died.😪
JellyBandit JellyBandit Jun 16, 2016
I want a Kryptonite glove, I could rule the world with that! BBBBRRRRUUUCCCEE! He could make me the glove....  Just... he needs to give me dah drugs when he done with it
marson0505 marson0505 Jun 16, 2016
It's a great start. I love annie and Clark's relationship and you expanding on it giving us more insight to their personalities. They're so adorable