Loving the Man of Steel | Clark Kent

Loving the Man of Steel | Clark Kent

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1st place in the 2017 DC Watty Award!

From a very young age, trouble has always seemed to follow Rose Montgomery. When she finally moves to Metropolis to get away from the crime in Gotham, she finds out that the bustling little city is not exactly the safe haven she was hoping for. With a hero complex of her own, she begins to notice the mysterious Clark Kent is always there to save her. But as the Man of Steel begins to fall head over heels in love, he worries that revealing his true identity will only put her more at risk...


"Not everyone can be trusted, Clark--" I admitted, "--but there are still some good people out there. I think your Dad was a little paranoid, honestly. And sometimes, you're the one that needs to be willing to take that leap of faith first."

The words had barely left my mouth, but in a flash, he had closed the distance between us. He bent forward, his lips brushing against mine, and for a moment I allowed myself to imagine what he would taste like.

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amypannu amypannu Aug 08, 2017
Ewwwww coffee. Not gonna lie, I used to drink the strongest black coffee ever. Now just smelling it makes me repulsive.
In the comics Batman is one hot mofo. Idk why  DC decided to make Batman into Ben Affleck like ew?
I can't stop thinking of Superman as Tyler Hoechlin aka Derek from Teen Wolf aka Superman from Supergirl. And the blue eyes are just being added to it =))) (or green. Whatever. I thought of a werewolf)
Anndell25 Anndell25 Jul 28, 2017
Hells nas, Batman 4 life(then Harley Quinn 4 life... then Star Wars ok I am getting of topic)
cookiemonsterRULEZ cookiemonsterRULEZ Aug 11, 2017
Always wondered about this... Does monetary mean money????😕😕😕😕
Actually no, what’s so good about Batman is that he doesn’t need superpowers to bring justice. He has money, fame, and intelligence. That’s as close as you can get to a real life superhero.