Nalu And Other Anime One-shots (And Lemons)

Nalu And Other Anime One-shots (And Lemons)

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¿Senpai-Alexis? By anime-alexis Updated Aug 07

Hey, you probably just stumbled into the biography of this book. Well, I make lemons and ONE-SHOTS. 

This was originally just Nalu lemons, but now it'll be many other animes besides fairy tail.


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Can there be smut with a micropenis? All of it is like foot long dicks and most average dudes don't have that big of a weinerdoodle
LuceTheKiller LuceTheKiller Sep 23, 2017
Yep just a normal conversation.......nothing wierd about this at allllllllllllll
Just a normal everyday conversation between two best friends am I right?!
fairyyygood fairyyygood Nov 27, 2017
Woah this is different I was getting bored it’s always the usual and all XD
How the dlip do they do this f her boobs are in his face how does she lean down and suck his neck wtf
fynxiss fynxiss Jun 20
Wait when Natsu asked, Missionary or Doggy style. And then he said hes rough in both ways does that mean... Hes done it with someone.... WHAT THE FUQ NATSUUUU