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A Trip Back in Time (Black Butler X Modern!reader)

A Trip Back in Time (Black Butler X Modern!reader)

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ChemicalWrites By ChemicalGalaxy Updated Apr 05

You, (y/n) (l/n), were walking in the woods when you suddenly tripped and fell into a tree. Wait. WHAT! You soon find yourself living in Black Butler. Well this should be interesting. 
I do not own black butler, all characters (except you) belong to Yana Toboso, you belong to you!

I'm from one of the hottest bloody countries but I was born in one of the flipping coldest
I need to watch my language......especially around ciel and sebby x whispers x my future senpai yandere husband
Hmm......imma just sing Tag your it.......RUNNING THROUH THE PARKING LOT. HE CHASED ME AND WOULD STOP
Bish! X looks at meh clothing which is black jeans, blue while black shirt, and a royal blue jacket X don't look at me like that!!
My Black ripped jeans, black high-tops , black singlet and purple flannel shirt with the buttons undone, over the singlet. Bitch be lucky that some basic didn't end up here!!
Lol I love Ciel's new name 'Ciel asswipe Phantomhive' that is lit