I Love You (Just Not In The Most Heterosexual Way) || Syan Oneshots||

I Love You (Just Not In The Most Heterosexual Way) || Syan Oneshots||

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i n a c t i v e By Niqiiii Completed

Ryan and Sean.

There's something really gay about it.

(But it's not like there's anything wrong with being gay)

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Kizukari_Emiray Kizukari_Emiray 7 days ago
Yoo, you can't do this to me!! I'm crying, that was so cute!!! I love bottom Sean 😂😂
syanyz1202 syanyz1202 May 12, 2016
Are u going to continue this story? I can't wait :v love it <3
LampofSeanF LampofSeanF May 12, 2016
Ohmygggoddddd i swear this syan story did smthg to my heart :((( it's so sweet and so much love♥♥♥ 
                              Four letters S-E-A-N 
                              Four letters L-O-V-E 
                              I can't keeeepppp the feeelinggggg ahahhhh bt gtg i have exam later. I'd not read this bfr exam ;_; now my mind is all Syan
Niqiiii Niqiiii May 16, 2016
Haha... im so sorry *rubs back of head* and Im a hypocrite, because I didnt follow my own advice as well lol. Hopefully there is still hope, but even if there isnt, we can still dream right?
hilarioushiga hilarioushiga May 13, 2016
4 letters S E A N
                              4 letters R Y A N
                              4 letters S Y A N
                              4 letters L O V E
                              IT ALL JUST MAKES SO MUCH SENSE