The Potion (Drarry)

The Potion (Drarry)

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When Harry and Draco have to make Tempo Inverso in potions class, Harry turns into an adorable baby, and Draco's stuck taking care of him.

This is DRARRY! So if you don't like, don't read. Simple as that.

(Snape is alive in this story because Snape is awesome and I want him alive.)


So far so good! 
                              I don't usually read the stories where one of them becomes a baby (dunno why), but I did read one where Draco becomes a kitten! XD 
                              Keep up the good work!
OMG I want to say this next time anyone asks me a what were doing in class
I,m so sorry I swear but I don't like drarry story's I'd make me feel sick so I'm sorry but yeah. It's your book so I don't really care what's gonna happen with this but I,m going to putt it away  and I'm never gonna  look at it again! so sorry is swear