The Potion (Drarry)

The Potion (Drarry)

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Drarry_Destiel By Drarry_Destiel Completed

When Harry and Draco have to make Tempo Inverso in potions class, Harry turns into an adorable baby, and Draco's stuck taking care of him.

This is DRARRY! So if you don't like, don't read. Simple as that.

(Snape is alive in this story because Snape is awesome and I want him alive.) 

|| This Story Is Discontinued ||

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A_Peggy A_Peggy Dec 27, 2017
I am the first person mu friends go to when they need a paper edited. I am incredibly nit-picky. But I can’t spel...
Kaikaina_nekoCherri Kaikaina_nekoCherri Jul 06, 2017
I guess I am one too don't really like the term except there are days I don't give a crap about spelling haha
itzdracopottahh itzdracopottahh Sep 23, 2017
lol I'm so dumb I don't even recognize the mistake unless in come into the comments
A_Spoonful_Of_Salt A_Spoonful_Of_Salt Oct 19, 2017
Finally. A writer who's just as obsessed about grammar as me.
The title of this chapter should be "Grammar Nazis" without an apostrophe because it's not a conjuction or possessive...
LostCreepyPasta LostCreepyPasta Oct 11, 2017
But keybored, and excited crying and mad? Potterhead doesn't mix very well.