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tulika (n.) 'thoo-li-ka' By tulikarma Completed

My escape from Springfield, Massachusetts, came in the form of an exchange program to New Delhi, India, one plane ticket for 11:00 am on the thirteenth of July. I left, taking a big suitcase and my camera. I told myself I left for the experience I'd have there, but maybe I left because of the experience I'd had here. I don't know. All I know is that I left, and then I met Maya Sumedh.

Luke Waters came into my life at 12:00 pm on the fourteenth of July, a Saturday. Probably the weirdest Saturday of my life - I picked up a cute guy from the airport, was in a car crash and stayed up the whole night talking to said cute guy. Maybe I even fell in love but I didn't know it until much later.

All we had was four months and camera.
A camera which proved more important than we ever imagined.

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nomeme nomeme Jun 15, 2016
Boy you've got a lot to learn about India. Especially Delhi.
buklover007 buklover007 Jun 19, 2015
Yes! Exactly what I've been trying to tell everyone who tries to imitate an "indian accent"a
Oxytocin Oxytocin Mar 02, 2015
No I'm sorry, that's the only accent I know. None of my India friends have accents
_Chipped_Teacup _Chipped_Teacup Nov 28, 2013
A Ferrari god !
                              Big bang theory seriously ?:P  people hardly talk like that :/
Magically_Me Magically_Me Jun 14, 2013
New chapter seems awesome. and I still love how you related Luke and Leo to Joseph.
Shyfrenchfry Shyfrenchfry Jun 13, 2013
It's great! This is more similar to the original than the previous chapter was.... R u gonna post a new chapter soon, or will u keep editing....just wanted to know :))